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  1. DarkSoul mate im going bald too, an di cant wait for it to be honest, no more wasteing money on gettng hair cuts, no more grey hairs to look at, mate, its all positive:cool:


    mind you, i have done "shave for a cure" before today and man do you feel the cold with a bald head:(

  2. My body.. one of a kind


    But i don't think you want photo's...


    i know how you feel mate, you too can have a body like mine after years of sheer abuse and total neglect:cool:


    the other rare thing i have is money in my wallet, now days its full of dust, but mainly photos......aaaahhhh the memory of money:lol

  3. man that 'Busa looked sweet.i spent $50 on my GSX250F a few weeks ago, bought a compact Airhorn for it, best $50 i have spent



    i have a few projects for it im working on, should have them finished in the next few weeks.for all i need to get me to/from work, its great. I do miss my 2000 Red VFR800 though, the gear driven cams was just pure sounds of sex to my ears

  4. pay off my current house/car loans etc

    build my dream shed and kit it out with all my dream tools like CNC lathe, router, miller, laser cutter


    build my own motorcycle from the ground up with technology im gunna steal from other manufacturers, i have spent lots of time looking at different manufactureres and i know what good bits i want to steal from the best anbd shove all in to one motorcycle



    FIANLLY upgrade my pc, its about 10 years old now and i keep replacing hard drives and power supplies every few years, but still the same mainboard and same processor, just a Pentium 4 3 Ghz HT chip from about 10 - 12 years ago


    FINALLY buy a digital pinball machine


    dunno if i would buy any flash cars, i would love to own a Lotus Elise, the supercharged one would be nice, and a 1974 corvette stingray. that would do me for fancy cars.


    mmmmmmmm.... motorcycles, would like a ducatti 916 in full race colours, and say a Triumph Sprint ST fully decked out with electronic cruise control and maybe a BMW GS1100 or similar for adventure riding


    finally take a decent bloody holiday with my wife and kids for the first time in too bloody long


    invest the vast majority of it so i didnt have to goto work for the rest of my life and drop my kids to school and spend the days working my projects and riding motorcycles and enjoying life stress free.

  5. i have only managed to log in now,been trying for past few hours. browser said it was logging me in, then browser page went white and stayed that way till i closed that page tab and tried again, and again, and again



    anyhow working now, thanks guys for fixxing it up so quickly

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