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  1. i have some stuff in my sig below that might interest you an your cabinet vvvvvvvvvvvvv
  2. Happy 40th Birthday. I could be there if someone bought me a return airfare.... other wise i will just have to get drunk on my own:cool::lol
  3. R AA NNN DDDD OOOOO MMMMM CCCCC RRRR AAA PP ! i love this thread:cool:
  4. repair the chips and then vac form new ones.make a vac former yourself, i have done it, easy to do http://www.youtube.com/user/TheStinger30/videos
  5. DarkSoul mate im going bald too, an di cant wait for it to be honest, no more wasteing money on gettng hair cuts, no more grey hairs to look at, mate, its all positive:cool: mind you, i have done "shave for a cure" before today and man do you feel the cold with a bald head:(
  6. Well Womble, i now think i know where they found the inspiration to build "wall-e" after seeing the photo of the cabinet above http://everyoneconnects.net/world/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/walle.jpg
  7. replaced the switch gear on my ride, grand total for new plugs/pins and switch gear $60. a learning experience.good fun and worth the time/effort to do so
  8. XP you want a minumium of 1 gig, preferabley 2 gig ram and if you use Ubuntu Linux and many other linux o/s they have device drivers built in to them for many devices out of the box. windows and linux is like chalk and cheese
  9. i cant remember the first album i bought on tape or LP but the first i bought on CD in 1991 was Dire Straights - On Every street. Still got it and still enjoy listening to it
  10. have a talk to the police and they can set you up with your own serial number that they keep on record, you put the serial number on you gear, and if it gets stolen and if it turns up, they can track you down easier
  11. these RC stadium trucks are fantastic and take a beating and theres *TONS* of parts you can get for these.
  12. BASTARDS!!!!! Danny, do you have an ebay account? if so put an advert up there. i have seen others do this before
  13. i know how you feel mate, you too can have a body like mine after years of sheer abuse and total neglect:cool: the other rare thing i have is money in my wallet, now days its full of dust, but mainly photos......aaaahhhh the memory of money:lol
  14. why not start a new section and call it "conspiracy stuff" :cool:
  15. the hair on my head and its getitng greyer and thinner by the day
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