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  1. Sorry about the delay - the 1.0 version is the one I am selling in the photos - it's excellent. There was a limited run of these a few years back and they became unobtanium - people were actually trying to sell them for $800 USD on pinside at one point - pretty crazy really. It's actually sculpted, not 3d printed and "was" the best mod you could get for it. Just recently he made another limited run - they are fairly similar although the witch is slightly different (head is turned and faces towards the player) and there are some LEDs in the smoke bubble which look pretty cool. The 1.0 uses the original lighting that came in the witch tube. Steve Gouevia who made this mod also made the flying Monkey mod as well which is even harder to get than the witches now - hopefully he'll make some more at some point.
  2. Hi all, I just picked up the awesome WOZ Witch Mod 2.0 ($670 well spent I might add - it is brilliant) so selling off my original version. Will post to anywhere in Oz. Thanks, Mick
  3. Can you please add Heist! Thanks a lot.
  4. So my Heist has arrived now. Really good. A lot of effort and engineering with this one. Third flipper is pretty useful and they've created some modes (side jobs) especially for it. Nice loop for the third flipper similar to that on the Data East Jurassic Park but if you're good (or just lucky in my case) you can hit a bunch of different shot with it. Crane is very cool, graphics are good, sounds are good. Lots of shots and very fun,
  5. Well I ordered it today but unfortunately their Production ready batch of playfields have already sold out. So it will be 4 weeks before it's sent assuming the factory isn't closed due to Covid-19. When it arrives you're welcome to play - entry fee 1 roll of toilet paper 😉
  6. Can you please add Dialed In? Thanks
  7. Such sad news mate. Really sorry to hear about this. Minx was very lucky to live with such a loving family.
  8. Hi Matthew can you please add Cosmic Cart Racing for me? Thanks a lot
  9. Had an absolute ball. Thanks again for hosting this. Love those well-cared for machines. And great to see Celts in action - apologies for all the questions Mr Haggis. Really interesting to hear about the trials and tribulations of getting that machine up and running.
  10. Hi Matthew, If it's okay could you please also remove Indiana Jones and replace it with a Hobbit? Thanks, Mick
  11. I've had a few people with DIs - am still considering a Hobbit as well so if you have a Hobbit and interested in a trade let me know as well. And thanks for all the feedback I've received - seems like I've been undervaluing my IJ for the condition it's in - most appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I've run out of room and must trade a pin if I want something else. I'm looking for a Hobbit or Dialed In and have a Williams Indiana Jones to trade. If anyone is interested please let me know. Cabinet decals are vibrant and playfield isn't too bad. I would rate it as better than a player's but I wouldn't call it Restored. I can provide as many close up pics as you like or if you're in the area you can come and play it/check it out. I played around with some leds in some of the inserts but it's basically globes in all of the GIs, Flasher etc. The glass isn't that clean - I took it out so you could see the playfield better ;) It also has: "Lost Plastic" at the back of the playfield Jackpot lights in the backbox ColorDMD LCD display Cliffys on Mode start and drop targets Plastic protectors NVRAM - No changing of AA batteries :) Gold Legs And I actually have some more cabinet decals although they aren't needed - but they're not original ones - just some I bought off ebay PM me if interested or if you have any other advice regarding this machine Thanks in advance, Mick
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