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  1. I've constantly got my eye on Qld state lockouts. Hopefully they don't lock me out before i fly in on Thursday from Canberra.
  2. I'm keeping an eye and ear on things. My plane is booked to fly into Brisbane from Canberra on Thursday 22nd July. Hopefully my son and i can enter into Brisbane by then, being from Wagga Wagga, NSW in a regional area. I guess it is wait and see as still a week and half to go. Have forked out $1600 for this trip so fingers crossed. Cheers. Adam Barrow.
  3. Yee welcomed me into his house on my very first trip overseas (and first time on an aeroplane to overcome my fears) to attend Pincade in 2011. I stayed with Yee at his house for those 5 days and he instantly made me feel at home and had an energy and spirit that shone through so bright. I couldn't help but smile whenever Yee was around. He had a constant smile on his face and a personality that made everyone feel good. I have attended every Pincade in NZ possible since that year (10 in total) and Yee has left an impression in my heart i will remember forever. Yee. You bloody legend mate. A few photos over the years with Yee.
  4. Getting flights, accommodation booked and tickets. Looking forward to heading up to Brisbane from Wagga Wagga. Temperature should be alot better than -3 at night.
  5. Please add: Back to the Future, Ghostbusters LE, AC/DC Thank you Adam B.
  6. Counting down the days to my yearly holiday to NZ. Choice brothers.. ha ha. 10th Pincade in a row for me.
  7. Hey gents. I have registered for Friday and Sunday nights. I will get my payment sorted this week. Cheers : ) Adam Barrow
  8. Hey Yee, I will grab the gold package thanks mate. I will transfer payment tonight. Cheers. I think i am usually a small t-shirt, (together with you being the shortest guy there ; ) Adam B.
  9. Who am i going to stirr up now Rob :p The only chance i get to see you once a year. All the best mate. Catch up around the traps somewhere. Cheers
  10. I am going to the ACS and am happy to play the outside events. Although i would love the opportunity to be in the top 48 i realise living out in woop woop that will probably not happen and i am totally cool with that. I just enjoy catching up with the fellow pinball community who i only get to see a few times a year and getting away from work to play pinball for days and hours straight where i don't get to here in Wagga Wagga. I will be travelling to NZ for my 9th Pincade in a row. I guess what i am saying is although the comps and rankings are great, for me the best part is catching up with great pinball people who i only get to see a few times a year. Alot of you are so lucky to have more than just your own pinball collection at home to play on. Cheers and looking forward to this comp. Thanks to the organisers for their time and efforts.
  11. Just got my brother Duane and my flight tickets this arvo....damn i should have purchased them yesterday as went up by over $100 overnight. Not to worry as well worth the trip for my 9th Pincade in a row. Looking forward to catching up with all of the awesome friends i have made over these 9 years. Choice bro. Let's get the chilli bin on the deeck :D:lol
  12. Just checking out dates and flights. Hoping to make it. Would be my 9th year in a row. Take care of yourself Yee. Cheers Adam B.
  13. ha ha. Same here mate. I will be there, but side tournaments for me due to my ranking and only being able to get to only 2 or 3 ranked tournaments a year living out in the sticks.
  14. Cheers John, It was great fun. An awesome atmosphere and top location for a pinball event.
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