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  1. Added photo of remaining carts.
  2. All PM's replied to 🙂
  3. Added remaining carts...
  4. Selling my remaining MVS carts. All carts have original labels in very good condition with serials intact, except The Last Blade (see below) All boards are original and made in Japan. I'll consider price drops for multiple purchases. Paypal Family / Friends or 4% for fees, or bank deposit accepted. Prices do not include postage. Any questions don't hesitate to PM me. 2020 Super Baseball (US) - $135 Art of Fighting (US) - $60 Art of Fighting 2 (US) - $60 Fatal Fury Special (US) $75 Fatal Fury 3 (JP) w/ Shockbox - $120 King of Fighters '94 (US) w/ Shockbox - $75 King of Fighters '95 (US) - $60 King of Fighters '96 (US) holo label - $85 King of Fighters '97 (US) holo label w/ mini marquee - $95 King of Fighters '98 (US) holo label - $85 King of Fighters '99 (US) - $75 King of Fighters 2001 (US) - $90 Ninja Combat (US) w/ mini marquee - $120 Real Bout Fatal Fury (US) - $90 Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (US) holo label - $90 Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 (JP) w/ Shockbox - $120 Samurai Shodown 2 (US) w/ mini marquee - $100 Samurai Shodown 3 (US) - $125 Samurai Shodown 4 (US) holo label - $135 Street Hoop (US) - $60 Super Sidekicks 3 (US) - $60 The Last Blade (US) holo label / serials cut - $140 World Heroes (US) w/ Shockbox - $55 World Heroes 2 (JP) w/ Shockbox - $55 World Heroes 2 Jet (JP) - $55 Burning Fight (US) w/ mini marquee - $OLD Cyber Lip (US) - $OLD Kabuki Klash (US) - $OLD Metal Slug 2 (US) - $OLD Metal Slug X (US) w/ Shockbox - $OLD Sengoku (US) w/ mini marquee - $OLD World Heroes Perfect (JP) w/ mini marquee and Shockbox - $OLD
  5. That would be awesome mate, thank you!
  6. Looking for an MV1C motherboard in VG condition. Cheers
  7. Great! Thanks for letting me know!
  8. Hey mate, yeah doing well, thanks for the feedback! hit me up via PM if there is anything you’re after MVS wise.
  9. MotW JP MVS $400 shipping included. Paypal Friends / Family or 4%.
  10. i get you, I’m sorta the same, have it all sitting there taking up space and I just dont have the time to fire it up. My kids still get a kick out of it so I’ll be guided by them I think.
  11. Hey mate. So you’re selling up completely? I fired up my MiniKab the other night, great little machine.
  12. I will, but I’ll leave it at that because I don’t want to kick the tyre. Hopefully you get the right buyer soon (hopefully that’s me haha).
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