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    The Simpsons Pinball Party, Family Guy, Stern Indiana Jones..... NES, Super NES (Ha!)

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  1. Hi Mate, Are these adaptable for the following Stern titles (real machines, not virtual)?: The Simpsons Pinball Party Family Guy Indiana Jones Transformers Pro Cheers!
  2. Hey mate, Trade wise, would you be interested in a customised Transformers Pro, plus cash your way? Resto currently in progress, so would be a couple weeks away from ready to ship, but wanted to see if you're interested anyways. Cheers!
  3. Did you ever get an answer to this post?? Cheers
  4. Would Airroad pallet a pin for shipping as well, for an extra fee? If not, would anyone with the know-how like to pallet a pin for me in Albury NSW???? I would pay for the service!! I really want to buy it, but live in Perth and would not be able to get over to pallet it myself, and seller doesn't seem like they would be interested/able?
  5. Did you actually sell this pin yet? If not i am super keen???
  6. Nice Narf! Thanks for the heads up! Still trying to work out if I can tweak the budget to snaffle this up!.....
  7. It's set to free play, but it does have coin mechs attached inside the cab.
  8. Sincerest apologies, You have to cut me some slack though, as I am only a Mop Technician! ;)
  9. Ok Actually 'jamma' sounds vaguely familiar? I think I remember the dude saying something about clipping in other games when I brought it!! Does that sound right, would I be able to just 'clip' a new one in somehow???
  10. Cheers Guys! All good advice! Unfortunately I work away and wont be able to check the speaker fo 3 more weeks...haha! Do you think either Gibo or Jomac would consider coming out to the gym in Morley to do the job? (I do know if I could be bothered moving the bloody thing again! :rolleyes) Narf; If they aren't interested, how hard is it to install a new sound board, and do you know where I might be able to buy one? Thanks again!
  11. Hi All, So my plea goes like this.... I brought a Raiden Cab a couple of years ago in good working order (Awesome!). However, after transporting it home very gingerly in the back of the ute, I plugged her in at home to find NO SOUND...Booo! The guy I bought the cab from sent his technician around to have a look at it, and he told me that he would get me a "replacement sound card" from his workshop. Unfortunately, after he left, and several phone calls to both guys, they seemed to dissapear off the face of the Earth. Anyhoo, after about 18 months sitting in my spare room unused, I decided to donate the Raiden to my sisters muay thai gym (still minus the sound). So long story long.... I would like to get the sound fixed for her. Are there any experts/techs/elecs in WA metro area who can assist??? Of course I will pay for the services. Cheers! Scoota
  12. Hi there would you be able to post some picks???
  13. Anyone selling one? Or know where i could buy one? Preferably new. It's for a LAI Lowboy Cab. Cheers:D
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