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  1. Great spot to do all that and more. Welcome to AA.... What state are you in?
  2. The 2M NES game was pure fiction. The auction company was also linked to the owners (Who had shares - believe it or not), as well as the valuation company who valued the game initially for the auction. It's like all collectibles there only worth what someone is willing to pay and eventually no-one wants whatever object it is.....
  3. I couldn't afford my collection now, if I had to buy them all. Having said that very few people go out and but lots of pinnie's all at once. It's a gradual increase in the collection. I would like more or to trade up, but the prices make me happy to sit where I am...
  4. Very nice build, I'll get a Hankin style one day....
  5. Welcome to AA, I have met lots of good people on here.
  6. Welcome to AA, good intro
  7. Sorry mate, mine are long gone and I never had an issue requiring me to look at the chassis...
  8. Great Game, miss my Crusin USA, but space in this hobby is always an issue....
  9. Mate rest up. If you need anything give me a call. You have my number Cheers Crafty
  10. Awesome photo's, and looks like a great night was had by all...
  11. Back with my issue. I initially has Ken burn/write me the new Rom's for the Crusin' and I had issues. Then somewhere on KLOV I read about a similar issue so sent both sets off to Ken and he cloned one off the other so they were identical and for whatever reason it worked. I know nothing about burning/writing chips hence the need to use Ken. I am sure people more knowledgeable than me will have other idea's but can you clone the working chips onto the other chips? If that doesn't work well I'm stumped. Esp as the same issue occurred on both machines before and after the chip swap. If I'm reading the first post correctly. Linked Fastbreaks are a unique and fun way to play pinball, no question.
  12. John has been in touch, but I have no idea? Sounds weird to me. Only thing I can suggest is that the ROM's aren't actually identical?? This has nothing to do with pinball, but when I linked 2 Crusin USA cab's, I has lot of issues linking them until I had the ROM's cloned to be absolutely identical. I know it's a left field suggestion, but it has changed machines and you mentioned you changed ROM's also?
  13. I don't mind a few battle scars. But playfield condition is important mainly as I can't restore for S**T.....
  14. +1 for Pinball Haus. If you look over the titan website there are lists and sometimes images of kits that others have put together for certain games. https://www.titanpinball.com/kits/ If you see one that you like Babak will make it up for you, so IMO great service.
  15. Love how the front leg's are dialled right up there....
  16. What's old, is new again 🙂 Welcome back
  17. Welcome to AA. All South Australians welcome 🙂 😁
  18. Yep, I doubt that any damage will occur as that's the top edge of the CP and if you get the angle right then it will be resting comfortably against the glass? Might take a bit of fiddling but IMO should work? Maybe I'm thinking of my Lowboys as the glass sits on them without sliding off, and the CP then locks it all together. I'll have to take a photo....
  19. Well at least if your going to a wood CP now, you have the right sticks already 🙂
  20. Awesome work Con. Will have to look over my cabinet's now and see if I need one of these to tidy up the connections.
  21. Like your cabinet, but those MCA sticks have the big collar and are designed for wood control panels.. See below Yellow for wood, black for steel To your question, I would router the edge of the wood to suit?
  22. I have no idea, but remember a similar conversation on AA a long time ago. Very envious mate AC/DC is a grail pin for for (When I'm really rich) LOL
  23. Yes he did (well Love Bug) and sold it to me. Now he's obviously getting another one. Have to admit I love the game 🙂
  24. Hi John, I have a PDF if that helps? Cheers Crafty
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