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  1. Kane, if your happy to send me one with Bill, I'll take one 🙂
  2. Is this still for sale? Willing to have it shipped with Bill?
  3. Craig might also chime in here, but he doesn't to my knowledge He sold them all.
  4. @Tony4Fingerz thought I would out the answer here as well for others. To be honest my setup has not changed much at all. I still run SK jukebox because after all these years it still works. Both touchscreen and button input depending on your choice and if drunk mates can pick songs and use it well that's perfect. Just ask @gazzy mcgaz I do from time to time do karaoke but to be honest have never done more than a Ps2 with all the Karaoke games. That makes 200+ songs and the Ps2 just works plus you can get wireless microphones for it. I use a chipped Ps2 but singstar games can always be found in Cashies... Keep it simple and this way we can still listen to music whilst some people do karaoke in the lounge or wherever. The advantage of a chipped Ps2 is if the disc gets damaged during a party, I just burn a new one. As for video clips I have thousands but find I never use them at parties anyway. It's on my to do list but right at the bottom as it's not a necessity for me at all. As for touch screen games well, again I've gone simple. White wall, projector and Wii covers gaming. Might not be touch screen in reality but it gets spectators involved...
  5. Thx Guys and Girls, was indeed a good day.
  6. So everyone is different and no-one knows your circumstances. But with a positive attitude, which you have in spades anything is possible. As an example, my Uncle who is 70+ lost his leg many many years ago due to an accident. Above Knee. He still drives his EH wagon, 3 on the tree, to get around after being assessed as competent in Qld to do so. Stay positive mate things will work out.
  7. Tend to agree with most of what's posted here. But your money, so your choice. IMO these sites target the uneducated which having found AA and posted for opinions starts you out as being more the educated type. These one size fit's all solutions rarely do that at all. If you look around AA you will see some cabinet's that are suited for console applications and others for fighters, or truly classic arcade games. To be honest you could easily get 3 cab's (one of each) for the same price. To be honest though we all learn from our mistakes and I have purchased cab's that I paid to much for as part of that learning experience. No idea what state/region you are from but I'm positive there will be cab's for sale near you, or as suggested build your own?
  8. Happy Birthday Mate. Hope it's a great day and your spoilt
  9. Maybe in the future, house hunting at the moment which takes all my time. Understand the issues you mention 🙂
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