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  1. I can't get this table to work, can't add credits, anyone else the same? I tried three different tables and ROMs from different sources, all the same problem.
  2. Most of my wiring loom was original, the credit board I wired up myself so I think most of those wires aren't the original colours. The P3 and P4 wiring section look original.
  3. Happy to help @Azure maybe start a thread in the Arcade Technical & Repair section and I'll help over there.
  4. 1,439,840 Got about 1 million with the second ball, but only 100k for the third, could have been more.
  5. $3.5k Located Cranbourne VIC. Original 4 player LAI TMNT. All fully working. Front door has a few scars on it, but otherwise a very staight and solid plywood cabinet. Original Konami 4 player PCB, original MCA joysticks, aftermarket player buttons, original LAI marquee, reproduction control panel overlay and coin slot surround, original monitor looks good with nice colour. Coin mech is set up for $1 per game. Control panel is removable for easier transport or getting through tight doorways. This is the first cab I ever bought, had it about 20 years 😲
  6. I played a bunch of games today and didn't even get over 700k 🤷‍♂️
  7. 16,130,000 Not easy to hit the on switch, but when you do 🤑
  8. Nah, with 100k pop bumpers you can potentially get a million+ in just a few seconds.
  9. 10,260,000 Who knows what a competitive score on this is going to be.
  10. ☺️ I'm guessing this is a good deal based on the 99 PMs I've received.
  11. $4.5k Located Cranbourne VIC. Fully working and plays good, some minor wear and tear as pictured and cabinet sides moderately faded. Includes manual, a set of the Prototype (swearing) ROMs, loads of mostly used plastics, and a few unused stickers.
  12. I'm using the version linked in the first post, and it has been awarding 50k for the oulanes correctly.
  13. I don't find any shots on this table difficult to hit. First max the 5x bonus, then knock down drop targets until Glory!
  14. 1,093,180 Defaults settings seems to not pay extra balls and awards points for specials (50k?). Great table, plays nice. 2 mil possible??? Before roll over. Final score.
  15. IPDB.org has it listed as -> Safe Cracker / IPD No. 3782 / March, 1996 / 4 Players
  16. It's pretty much a one ball game, with a generous ball save. Being in the board game or in multiball as much as possible is the best way to stay alive I find.
  17. My strategy is hit the drop targets until lock is lit, lock a few balls, then enter any of the entrances to get to the board game and try to get to the vault and collect the stash. Multiball will start after the vault, hit the wheel and then the ramp to get jackpots, then repeat the whole process again.
  18. I'd suggest just ignoring the assault mode and scores and stick with the main game for the comp.
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