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  1. 1,576,882,170 Don't know what this peeping Tom thing is everyone is talking about, never seen him...
  2. 4,327,510 Yeah, sure is fast, especially after playing '76, seems fairly forgiving though.
  3. 244,500 Small increase for me, 332k hard to beat I think.
  4. 862,730,580 I seem to have better accuracy on this table than others, pretty sure I can crack the billion.
  5. 685,663,320 This was suppose to just be a 'test game' but kept getting extra balls...
  6. Well done PPLBob, definitely deserved it with 5 game wins. At least we let Crakkers win a game too ☺️
  7. 1,057,978,560 I only managed to spin the big wheel once in the whole two weeks, spun it for the second time in this game and lucky the Billi shot came up and nailed it first try. Looking forward to not playing this table agian...
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