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    20" LAI Cocktail with 60 in 1
    20" LAI Xybots Stand Up With 161 in 1 Neo Geo Cart
    25" Atomiswave Stand Up With Naomi 2 Mobo and Pi Netboot
    29" Naomi Universal Candy Cab with Naomi Mobo and Pi Netboot
    26" LAI Vertical cab with 48 in 1

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  1. I didnt see this post! Thanks everyone!
  2. Hey everyone. Have a mate in qld looking to buy a time crisis shooter. Not too fussed on which version. Let me know if you have something you wanna move on? Dave
  3. On tech choice site at the moment.... Update: We are currently not accepting new applications while we continue to enhance the nbnâ„¢ Technology Choice program. These improvements are planned to be available from December 2020. Please check again soon. Hopefully that means we'll get fttp for free :P
  4. We have FTTC 100/40 for $110 a month with Aussie Broadband. Their service and support is amazing compared to Telstra. I wonder how much to upgrade to FTTP since it’s only the copper from the pit outside the house into my premises. No doubt excessive.
  5. KJS comes through again! Thanks for your help and great service mate.
  6. Anyone with shaker for sale for my Stranger Things Pro?
  7. Metallica LE had LEDS as standard Rob. Was only the pros that didn’t when released.
  8. I accidentally sold my fish tales. Don’t ask haha
  9. I know! So spewing I missed that! Thanks Glenn. Can’t wait to finally be able to catch up for a beer mate.
  10. I've recently moved on a few machines and looking at replacing them with some late model Stern Pro's or Premiums (depending on price). If you're thinking of letting something go... hit me up! Games I already have.... Star Trek Pro Game Of Thrones Pro Munsters Pro Mustang Pro Jurassic Park Pro Turtles Pro Be keen on a .... Iron Maiden Ghostbusters Black Knight SOR Avengers Stranger Things... Basically I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket and I want to spend it before @DangerRay tries and gets me to spend it on the house. I'll consider anything! :D
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