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  1. Pretty sure you have to join/subscribe to their Fang Club ($95USD) to have an opportunity to buy a game
  2. These are a popular & cheap upgrade https://www.elite-electronics.com.au/In-Car_Entertainment/Subwoofers/8_Inch/Boss_Audio_CXX8_8_Single_4_ohms_Subwoofer or just tap the cabinet sub to an external active sub for more bass, I use an isolator board to be safe
  3. 30,000 plus of these into cells & then a battery pack and your good to go!
  4. These are very handy, had a set for probably close to 10 years & just recently replaced the wheels on them.
  5. Yeah, first container is due late January full of LE (expensive) goodness & some Pro models
  6. Ironically he was grey importing new Stern machines and selling them. Haven’t watched it since it was released but one thing I do remember is something about the sound being poor on the new machines. The new 2.1 sound on the Spike games is far superior with more control. And node boards can be repaired locally in QLD.
  7. Stern should of timed the release better, licensing not finalised, no gameplay or sound releases, asking TOP $$ & expects everyone to depart with their money. Pretty normal for pinball I guess. I’d like a bit more of a “reveal’ before I depart with 20k+
  8. Biggest $$ gap ever between Premium & LE
  9. maybe 18-18.5 from AMD I guess, hopefully pricing will be up tonight
  10. Some Limited Editions being sold direct to Insider All Access members… worked for JJP
  11. He picked up a machine for me in Victoria last Tuesday, due back on the Coast/Brisbane late next week I’ve been told.
  12. Any recent spottings on the east coast?
  13. Probably around 18k considering what LE’s are changing hands for
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