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  1. lol, series tickets are available to purchase and some people have purchased series tickets to secure same numbers etc. I can’t find what games they are, thinking one of them is centaur and no idea what the other three are
  2. What are the other 4 titles after Fathom? Centaur and ….. Series tickets look like they are available to purchase from their website but it doesn’t say what games they are.
  3. Container landed , AMD doing scoop fix I’ve been told
  4. I have a Panasonic air conditioner in the shed, humidity/ dry mode works great. With the Sensibo control unit it can be set to “climate react” and respond to turn on at desired temperature or humidity levels. Probably a lot more expensive than a de-humidifier but it is a very effective set up.
  5. https://gamedude.com.au/product/shop/p10-foot-t-moulding-chrome-3-meter
  6. I was looking into this the other day, was advised 10mm foil insulation for roller door (which I have) and 25mm foil polystyrene for panel door, was told spring calibration wasn’t needed as the polystyrene was so light.
  7. 0.93.0 code is out https://sternpinball.com/support/game-code/
  8. How much $$ was he asking out of curiosity?
  9. Used to be at Burleigh Heads, now at Beaudesert. Takes a while to process orders but you will get your gear.
  10. Can update remotely through machine menu > insider connect
  11. Code .90 https://sternpinball.com/?post_type=game_code&s=Godzilla LE&fbclid=IwAR3_qFdA3TgE0ZOy8S8-MIUeuqays8qPWhcG0MQsxs1QmKKFFuBBMeqwxoE
  12. #121 here, mate’s machine is in the 400’s
  13. No spare slings in the goodie bag , only spare target decals, bunch of key tags & a tube of MAGNALUBE 😯 Not sure if that’s for the machine or for next Special Edition pricing 😂
  14. Set up my game today, WOW great game! Insider Connect was easy, signed game into Wi-Fi - registered game online & good to go. 1st ball gets stuck in sling 😂
  15. and the price increases over the last 3 tittles… Mando 14500 GZ 15500 Rush 16250
  16. Any machine made after 01 January was subject to a price rise, despite when it was ordered it seems. Guys in America are getting the same raw deal, was reading some guy ordered a new Pro model in June 2021 with a November 2021 eta. Now subject to the price increase and no eta in sight.
  17. Glad to hear it, probably should of asked the question before placing an order 😂 I went with the speaker cutouts to, for lighting kit.
  18. Did you get your JP Wizpanel & are you happy with it? I just ordered one for Godzilla & a lock bar button & flipper toppers.
  19. BKSOR & Stranger Things were the last LE’s that didn’t sell out immediately
  20. My mate on the Gold Coast got his LE today, can’t wait to have a go
  21. Guys who got their LE’s, have they got insider connect installed?
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