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  1. top left flipper on mine was silicone, rest were old school
  2. If it’s going into production that is the worst reveal ever 😂
  3. https://www.tanglestech.com/TPP-1035 Discount at 3 or more items 😎
  4. Wish they would retheme it, like the game, dislike the kids & chocolate theme 😂
  5. Same difference, has to be paid for at some point. LE’s have always been 50% deposit since I’ve been buying them, first being Transformers, last being Iron Maiden
  6. 100k might be a 2-3 game collection these days 😂
  7. Wish JJP would simplify the audio settings, simple bass/treble adjustment & backbox /cabinet fade would be good. To much coming out of the speakers coming in the top of the backbox. I upgraded the sub which sounds a bit better especially when away from the machine but standing in front playing a game the backbox noise still overrides it. Not a fan of external subs but going to get one for this.
  8. Always a tough decision which one to let go when the time comes.
  9. Clickbait on Netflix was alright viewing
  10. Might be more like $16450😱, we will find out soon I guess
  11. Back To The Future would have been good .
  12. https://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/2021/comp25179.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0wmgR-yZxv_RFwYizowj4E3SxGz5zKkcm932p0bhauCdtUeQvsSCSY_OA
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