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  1. Test in another machine, ballast may have blown
  2. To infinity... The 24-hour countdown starts now! Contact your distributor or visit http://jerseyjackpinball.com tomorrow, June 14th 2022 @ 12 noon EST, to place your order!
  3. That’s one way to do an unboxing video…..🔥🔥🔥 Thank you!
  4. Code 0.96.0 is out https://sternpinball.com/support/game-code/ V0.96.0 - May 26th, 2022 ======================== - Monster Zero - added this new mini wizard mode that is qualified by scoring a Super Jackpot in Godzilla Multiball and lit by reaching the Level 4 Godzilla Powerup - Monster Zero - Phase 1 - Shoot green arrows to enable lock at building. - During 30 second lock phase shoot red arrows to build jackpot value. - Build rate multiplies for each ball already locked. - Repeat sequence to lock up to 3 balls. - Each locked ball boosts super jackpot value. - Phase 2 - Shoot lit arrows to score jackpots (multiplied by number of balls in play) - Collect 10 jackpots to light super jackpot at the Wallop shot (reverse building) - Super Jackpot builds jackpot value 1M. - Super Jackpot adds a ball the first time it is awarded. - Godzilla Powerup - Level 4 will now have 2 choices if both Monster Zero and Terror of Mechagodzilla are qualified, if only one is qualified there is only one choice - Godzilla Powerup - Level 8 will now award whatever choice wasn't picked or qualified from Level 4 but will only light if the other mode is qualified by Super Jackpot - Godzilla Powerup - Level Summary with latest changes: - Level 1 (2) - LEFT - - RIGHT - GODZILLA MB BASE JACKPOT +250K MECHAGODZILLA MB BASE JACKPOT +500K LIGHT HEAT RAY SKILL SHOT +1X MULTIPLIER 15M POINTS LOOP VALUE +250K DESTROY SAUCER SAUCER VALUE +500K JET FIGHTER ATTACK VALUES +250K COLLECT 3X BONUS - Level 2 (3) - LEFT - - RIGHT - TIER 1 BATTLE TIMERS +10 SECONDS TIER 1 BATTLE TIME BONUS +5X - Level 3 (4) - LEFT - - RIGHT - DESTRUCTION JACKPOT +3 SECONDS TIER 2 BATTLE TIMERS +10 SECONDS - Level 4 (6) - LEFT - - RIGHT - LIGHT MONSTER ZERO (if qualified) LIGHT TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA (if qualified) - scoop will not light until one is qualified - Level 5 (6) - LEFT - - RIGHT - SAUCER ATTACK +3 SECONDS RAGE COMBO +3 SECONDS - Level 6 (6) - LEFT - - RIGHT - RODAN TIMER +15 SECONDS MAGNA GRAB 2X - Level 7 (6) - LEFT - - RIGHT - SUPER SPINNER 2X LOOP VALUE 2X - Level 8 (6) - ONLY ONE CHOICE - LIGHT MONSTER ZERO or LIGHT TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA (whichever one wasn't lit in Level 4) - scoop will not light until remaining mode is qualified - Level 9 (6) - LEFT - - RIGHT - DESTRUCTION JACKPOT +2X LIGHT ALL ALLIES - Level 10 (6) - LEFT - - RIGHT - COLLECT 10X BONUS COLLECT IMPOSTER - No more powerups will light after Level 10 for now - Terror of Mechagodzilla - Center and Mechagodzilla Spinners are capped to the Left Spinner value, must increase the Left Spinner value to be able to increase the Center and Mechagodzilla Spinner value - Mechagodzilla Multiball - Shield now stays open for Super Jackpot phase, there are now 2 ways to achieve a Super Jackpot: - Mechagodzilla Multiball - Super Jackpot via 3rd Flipper to Tail Whip awards 3X Super Jackpot and +3 Godzilla Powerup Energy - Mechagodzilla Multiball - Super Jackpot via Mechagodzilla Spinner to Mecha Side Lane awards 1X Super Jackpot and +2 Godzilla Powerup Energy - Mechagodzilla Multiball - either Super Jackpot method qualifies Terror of Mechagodzilla for the Godzilla Powerup - Bridge Attack Multiball - Jackpot value now maxes out at 4M +1M for each mode start - Monster Rampage - added an additional +1X Destruction Jackpot to the award, to make it +2X Destruction Jackpot - Super Train - fixed an issue with the Building getting confused on what floor it should be on when Super Train starts when Destruction Jackpot and Building Locks are lit - DJ Mixer - adding Terror of Mechagodzilla song - DJ Mixer - adding Monster Zero songs - DJ Mixer - adding Wizard Mode Lit song - DJ Mixer - adding more playlists - Callouts - adding many more callouts to the game - Sound Effects - adding many more sound effects to the game - Light Shows - adding many more light shows to the game - Adjustment Changes: - added "MONSTER ZERO JACKPOT BUILD TIMER" default:30s min:28s max:40s - added "MONSTER ZERO BALL SAVE TIMER" default:30s min:28s max:40s - added "MONSTER ZERO VICTORY BALL SAVE TIMER" default:20s min:18s max:30s - System - Updated to V3.17.0 on OS: V2.6.0 - Updated to nodeboard firmware/protocol v0.86.0 - Fix redundant sound effect when scanning into Insider Connected in some instances. - Added Standard Audit "Total Power On Time". This is a lifetime audit of the hours, minutes, seconds the machine has been powered on. This lifetime audit will start accumulating with this update.
  5. lol, series tickets are available to purchase and some people have purchased series tickets to secure same numbers etc. I can’t find what games they are, thinking one of them is centaur and no idea what the other three are
  6. What are the other 4 titles after Fathom? Centaur and ….. Series tickets look like they are available to purchase from their website but it doesn’t say what games they are.
  7. Container landed , AMD doing scoop fix I’ve been told
  8. I have a Panasonic air conditioner in the shed, humidity/ dry mode works great. With the Sensibo control unit it can be set to “climate react” and respond to turn on at desired temperature or humidity levels. Probably a lot more expensive than a de-humidifier but it is a very effective set up.
  9. https://gamedude.com.au/product/shop/p10-foot-t-moulding-chrome-3-meter
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