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  1. Bumping as both are available again - if no takers by the end of the week I’ll pop them on eBay.
  2. Sorry guys, haven't been on the boards in a while and just saw your replies! Let's see if I can help (and disregard of course if everything's fine!). @HdMadara, sounds like the Net DIMM's not receiving the data. Put it into test mode, factory reset the network settings, reboot and set the static IP config, then reboot again. Make sure the screen indicates in in network mode and awaiting data. Use Transfergame to push the image through, then open the test menu after it reboots. If the transfer was successful it should be listed at the bottom of the screen, then follow the instructions above to trigger booting the stored ROM. Bear in mind you'll need to be using a decrypted ROM. The only other thing I can think of is the Zero Key might be a bit wonky, but tbh I've read elsewhere people have been able to push images without the key sometimes. I hope this helps. @Kampfflieger, if you don't have a PIC for the firmware upgrade disc I believe the PIC for VF4: Final Tuned (and possibly VF4: Evolution) will allow you to boot. I can't say this for certain though - I have VF4:FT but I don't have any of the firmware upgrade discs.
  3. Cool - PM sent! I've had interest from someone else so I'm going to mark the top post to reflect that both lots are tentatively sold, will update as things progress.
  4. ... and sold - thanks to everyone for their interest, I'll update the thread title now.
  5. Ah, good call - sorry for not specifying that above. Can confirm they're both version 2 based on the data in the Naomi test screen and the component counts to the right of the test switch (as noted here).
  6. Update 29/11: Both available again I've got 2x Capcom converter lots for sale - each includes power cable, RCA cable for audio, VGA cable and USB. This is everything you need to get a Naomi into a JAMMA cab. These are pretty hungry on the +5v lines so if your PSU struggles with the amperage it's something to bear in mind (FWIW I'm running a SUN PSU in my cab and it doesn't struggle normally, but it does have some trouble these days maintaining a flat +5v as it's in need of a recapping 😛). I've got a set of repro instructions for one of them as well (see pictures below). Tested on my Naomi 2 netbooting MvC2 into JAMMA on my Astro. They've been set to 2-player mode and I can confirm the kick harness is working great during testing. Volume pot's set around the middle so you can tweak to suit your cab. Looking for $280 each - drop me a message if you're keen and let me know if you'd like the one with the repro instructions (first in best dressed). Happy to post interstate, Adelaide locals can pickup if they wish.
  7. Update: Sold Sending this to a new home - Dreamcast LE boxed edition of DiGi Charat Fantasy. Picked this up with a huge haul from Japan a while back and despite airing it out for six months couldn't get all of the ciggy smoke smell out of it. Can't remember what I paid for it, but I'm after $10 plus postage if you're interstate (Adelaide pickup's fine). Included is the game, a calendar, VMU, rego paperwork, VMU manual thingo, I think an audio CD (it's still sealed) and the box itself. The front of the box is a little sun-bleached too. I haven't tested the VMU either, hopefully it works. Hopefully sealing it in a container with one of those charcoal bag things will sort it out - it's certainly heaps better than when I first opened it, but I'm a bit over it and hope someone else might want it 😄 Drop me a message if you're interested.
  8. Haha, thanks mate - I didn’t realise it was 10 years back that I wrote about my journey with my Astro, really happy it proved useful to you!
  9. Smashing job mate!! Reminded me of when I went to town on my Astro City, scarily enough that was 10 years ago... time flies. Couldn't have done it without the help of Aussie Arcade, and the final result's not in the same league as yours though! Is that a Blast City I see in the background in one of your photos?
  10. Bummer - shifted to RS from Element14 because of the free postage on smaller orders, will keep that in mind next time I’m ordering components. Thanks for the heads-up.
  11. Nice! Is that a 31k CRT in that Naomi universal?
  12. The caveat was the primary function of the mod - back when this was a thing it won because the ACCC was successful in arguing it removed region protection and addressed price fixing. The same thing allowed multi-region modding on DVD players too and there was grumbling because some region mods removed macrovision. The fix there was that manufactures factory modded DVD players to Region 0, charging a premium for it at first, so macrovision was kept in place and people could import to their heart’s content. However, is the court judges the primary reason for applying a modification is for piracy then it becomes illegal. Unsure how the same arguments would fly now - the Copyright Act has had some major revisions since then, but the goalposts have moved as well - PS3 onwards is region free, same with Switch and everything from Xbox One onwards is as well. DVD region free has disappeared due to lack if market interest, BRD was fiercely enforced (but no challenges to region free mods afaik) but UHD is also region free (just like HD DVD).
  13. Sorry mate, haven't been on AA for a bit, replied to your PM. I've also reworded the title to emphasise this one's a repair job owing to the issues I've explained in detail in the first post.
  14. Correct - remembered I have a RX460 in my main PC and was thinking of moving this into the MAME build but realised it doesn’t have native analogue, so will add the GPU into the build budget. The only reason to consider Intel is if mobos are better. Hopefully a 300w PSU will have more than enough power, trying to keep the build small enough to throw into a cocktail once I’ve rebuilt it :)
  15. If you’re going to do it, do it right then :) Very keen on pushing the frame delay as high as practical within the budget. I was thinking of going for a Ryzen build and grabbing a Ryzen 3 3200 or 3300X, 8gb of RAM and a NVME SSD to keep things tidy. Would this be on the mark or should I be going for an Intel build?
  16. Can I jump on the bandwagon with a question? I thought the HD series were fine for CRT in a cab? I’ve seen 5450s often recommended... I’m looking at a mini-ATX setup I can swing into my cabs and was looking at low profile cards and saving some money with an older, hopefully passively cooled GPU. If all I’m after is 15k gaming is there much need to go for a beefier, modern GPU?
  17. Update - Net DIMM 2 is now sold, dropped the price on the regular DIMM to $80.
  18. To many kanji on that screen - methinks it can't find a signal. Do what narf suggested - try a different source, looks like there's some JAMMA harnesses on there but who knows the state it's in! I'd also give the voltages a test on the arcade PSU to see what's happening. Some more pictures of the innards would be helpful too - I'm kinda curious what's under the hood given there's an ATX PSU and a bog standard arcade one, after-market amp and a JAMMA adapter in the mix :)
  19. Update - Net DIMM 1 is sold, dropped the second Net DIMM to $260 and will be plonking it and the regular DIMM on eBay this week. As before, happy to close off eBay early and sell here if there’s interest.
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