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  1. Always enjoyed having a laugh with mark at the meets will be missed
  2. Does this have the recoil upgrade if so I will take it
  3. Nice work would of taken me a month to get that done beer n all , off to the powder coating place for me these days $$$ but time is money/beer time :D , will be watching this one
  4. Looks like the meatballs you get from ikea, I say let nature run its course
  5. https://gizmodo.com/building-a-working-full-size-pinball-machine-out-of-kne-1846094713/amp Check this out not sure I like, but a lot of work has gone into this , never even heard of k’nex
  6. RIP Mark and condolences to the family, so many memories , heading out to Bayswater to pick up some gear and always leaving with more than I went there for, will be missed , long live pspa and the legacy you have left on the hobby
  7. 3 high/low shifters , 1 brand new 2 used $30 the lot , pickup only Ashburton 3147
  8. If it doesn’t sell locally bud I will be in touch
  9. Jomac universal chassis ,15k / 25k , I no way of testing it anymore so sold as is $50 , pickup only Ashburton 3147
  10. Bally ss side rails , have been polished, they are straight just a few dimples where the nails go . $20 pickup only from Ashburton 3147
  11. I feel a protest coming on bring on the pepper spray , :realmad:
  12. Your mullet won’t grow much in 6 days :lol
  13. Three wonders, 3 games on one board , midnight wanders my fav
  14. Dam wish you had of done this 2 years ago already replaced all my games with svram from the states $$$, good luck with these , one off the best mods you can do to a pin
  15. Seen some parts listed on eBay this morning
  16. I will grab 2 if there are any left pm incoming
  17. Also interested in this have a Flash Gordon that needs swapping, PLAYFIELD has been under my bed for 5 years waiting :sleep
  18. I have a used data east door in good Nik in Melbourne to let me know if your interested
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