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  1. I've got Mario home circuit. Love it. Need a fair bit of space when going into 200cc class. Playing 50cc class the RC car is so slow, but does not feel that way when playing. Fun just to zoom around without teaching also. Definately get it!
  2. I guess it avoids the need to set up and configure a computer. The software etc?
  3. Hey very cool. And great idea about scaling it up. I got Dragons lair collection on Switch, which was a limited run.
  4. Here's someone nice and small I did. !st under my new name Restored by Scott (RBS). had planking and wear spots, black inserts all cracked and clear was dull.. All edges sanded clean. https://www.facebook.com/RestoredByScott
  5. It looks real nice... Wasn't sure on the cabinet art, but this photo it looks a lot better
  6. No idea what is going on, but sold my MM LE to get this. GnR is right up there with my favorite bands, and miss the DE Gnr pinball due to the rocking sound track. Looing forward to it.
  7. Hi All. Please note, my user name on AA is now Scotty T.... So if looking for posts or to contact me to "Savage" it's now Scotty T.... Also Savage Restorations will be now "Restore by Scott" or RbS for short. That is all... Cheers
  8. Hi All. Apologies as I haven't been posting much or posting my latest restores here, but just reaching out that I'm changing my name from Savage Restoration to "Restored by Scott" or RBS for short. This has been something I've been meaning to do for a long time, and the name "Savage" did not really have any bearing to me, I actually come up wit the name after one of my favorite RC cars the Savage SS.... The new name, just gives it a bit of personal touch to it.. So in due time, my FaceBook and You Tube Channel with change and so to my name on here..... Here's a glimpse of my new logo. Cheers Scott
  9. Thanks, I had no idea he's uses Wayne as a front man, what does that actully mean in this situation? I basically search for GnR JJP and took me to Pinball Sales website, so curious how Wayne fits into it.. Cheers
  10. I mean no ill in this question, but has Paul / Pinball Sales been around long? I'm dead keen on a GnR LE pinball but he only deals with direct bank deposits. I've been burned before paying this way, so very I'm very cautious. Does he accept other payment methods, CC for example?
  11. Hi Ray. I'm thinking of Selling mine, Has the new playfield etc...
  12. Here's some Technic Lego I've been working on and off the last three years. 8258 Tow Truck, which has been customised to Dual Rear wheel and other improvements / modifications.. Got the instruction for these improvements from http://www.designer-han.nl/ ALso the Trailer, which I believe id from the same person, paid for the instructions and proceeded to buy the parts, did not know what I was getting into as the costs quickly grew and grew!!!. Only recently I found out the person who does or these great MOC's Ingmar Spijkhoven passed away not so long ago from ALS.... Here's a youtube video of the Trailer in action (it's huge)
  13. 6 to 12 months!!!!. No not at all. I've done restores where upon pickup they have been populated and play on. I would like to think 4 weeks is probably suitable .. Otherwise I would not even be able to sand and buff the playfields... Cheers S
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