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  1. Selling a non working Sega Naomi motherboard. The BIOS is an E revision. The board does not boot. Pickup or postage at $25. Selling for $30
  2. Hi Team. I'm chasing a Sega DC motor like the one in the picture. I think that these DC motors are common to Outrunners, Afterburner etc. It's the DC shaker motor.
  3. Hi team. I'm selling a six way JAMMA switcher with six JAMMA extension harnesses. The switcher has a rotary dial to select the desired PCB slot. I bought this brand new but have never used it. Looking for $200 with pick-up or postage at $20 Australia wide.
  4. Alien 3: The Gun The player one gun on the machine didn't have any recoil / feedback when I got it. The operators manual points to fuses and DC motor bushes as being the culprit for this failure so these were checked first. The design of these cabinets makes these checks very easy. Fuses are located in the service panel and the bushes are easily accessed by removing an access panel on the gun assembly. In my case both the bushes and fuses check out fine BUT the player one gun motor was really loose compared to the second player gun. Time to investigate... To diagnose the issue(s), the gun shells needed to be removed. This process was straight forward with the correct security driver bit but there were a few screws that were too corroded - this is where the extractor screw sets come in handy. I cannot count the number of times that the extractor screws have helped me during restorations. To use them, you drill an appropriately sized pilot hole. Once that's done, you insert the extractor screw into the hole and turn anti-clockwise until it bites. Of course the screw is no longer usable but they are easily replaced. Once the plastic covers are removed, you can see how over-engineered these guns are. (Sorry about the upside down image - I couldn't get it to show correctly). The gun is in two main sections an upper section and a lower section. The upper section slides along the lower section on one axis, creating a backward and forward motion and simulating the machine gun recoil. Unlike other gun games that use a solenoid to simulate the recoil, these Sega guns run a bushed, DC motor connected to a cam-gear. The rotation of the cam-gear pushes the upper section forward along the slide and then a spring helps to recoil the gun back to its start position. It's a very clever design from a haptics standpoint. The addition of the spring in the front of the gun changes the behaviour of the slide during forward and reverse motion. Once the gun was dissembled, it was clear that the cause of the loose motor was due to loose fasteners holding the motor to the main assembly. To remove the motor from the upper section, there are four bolts that need to be undone plus the coupling that connects the motor output shaft to the input shaft of the cam gear. Once the motor was free of the upper assembly, the reason for the loose motor looked clear - at least at first. The four bolts that held the motor to the bracket were very loose, but when I tried to torque them up, they had no bite. The reason the screws wouldn't torque up was because there was no thread left on them! I replaced the M4 screws with hardened M4 bolts, and new spring washers. I figure that the hardened bolts will eventually wear out the thread in the hole but I am not too worried about that given that these machine is only going have home use. Even if the thread holes fail, I could easily drill the holes out and re-thread them to M5 or M6 at a pinch. This bit of work resolved the issue of the loose motor assembly. In my next post, I will share how I got on with the electronic repairs required for the recoil on gun one.
  5. Aha! I had completely forgotten about that. I'll shoot you a message so I can get it back to you.
  6. I found one of these. Free to whomever can use it.
  7. Selling a pair of Seimtisu LS 62-01 Joysticks with black balltops and harnesses. Both are new and unused. Pickup from Brisbane or post. You can read about them here... https://focusattack.com/seimitsu-ls-62-01-pcb-type-joystick-with-ss-plate/ $60 for the pair obo.
  8. Thanks. Hopefully someone will give it a new cab to live in.
  9. Comrades. Free to those who can pickup today or tomorrow. Four MCA joysticks and 12 buttons. All in poor condition with sun fade damage. Joystick and buttons work. Pickup from Rocklea
  10. I found this system 246 during a garage clean up. I had no idea I had one of these. I don't have access to the power harness to test so assume broken. It looks like it also has Tekken 4 not sure of the disk is in the drive. What you see in the photo os what you get. No longer available.
  11. I am watching some youtubers describe the evolution of the movie from concept to production. The movie originally had a trailer which suggested it occurred on Earth. There was also a second concept that proposed the movie should be set on a wooden planet (!). My guess is that this game suffered from a lack of clear source material and limited production time.
  12. Some small updates. G-Loc Deluxe Turns out that the revised design has two significant flaws on the Motor Power Supply PCB that result in instant shorts on power up. Another G-Loc owner had spotted an issue in the original schematics which was one of the two issues with the circuit layout on the revised PCB. Below is the revised circuit for the 15V supply lines. The good news is that @arcademachinist (not currently a member) has shared his revised PCB layout with me. For now the plan is to have some of these prototyped and populated for tested. The downside is that this design relies on a range of parts that are no longer in production, plus the chopper bridge is using much older power transistors that are prone to failure. Here is the PCB in KiCAD. Shoot me a message if you want to purchase one of these boards as I will have surplus boards available. Happy to sell surplus boards at cost price. I am also having more L2 Transformers built. I will likely need to order 20 of these to meet the minimum order quantity for the supplier. Again, happy to pass these on at cost if anyone needs some for board repairs. Alien 3 The Gun I managed to source an Alien 3 The Gun cabinet recently. This has always been on my list but they seem to be hard to find - at least in the last decade or so. One thing that has always fascinated me about this machine is the artwork, specifically the colour combination used. The cabinet art and colours seems so disconnected from the source material on which it based. I think the artwork is very cool, even though it seems like a really odd choice. I am about to assess the state of the cab tonight. It should be working but there are bits and pieces that will need to be addressed. Stay tuned.
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