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  1. Have a mate that just bought his first pin. Has 2 burnt out coils so he will need replacements. Can someone please point me in the right direction so I can help him
  2. weather was too good to miss out on today. waited for the sun to go down then got the other side and the front for the main colour of yellow.
  3. Looking to buy. As per title and photos Can be in any condition. Please contact me.
  4. just picked this up as another ground up resto. won't touch until the grande domino is completely finished. around 4 weeks will be working nearly 100%, will be finished on the restore. all new part and new bglass installed. this will then move into the queue. have already started chasing down parts for her.
  5. brings out the survey draftsman in me from the early 80s. love using those old skills to make a copy off the flyer on a3 and rescaling it all back. get the stencils done by eye and scale, putting it together just like a jigsaw..with a dash of maths. hope some of these photos show how the game is going.
  6. yep one of the best and most desirable ems. towards the end of a wonderful era.
  7. was missing the chimes, was lucky to pick up this set for a good price in america. just installed for now, have a chime rebuild kit on the next pbr order. not to forget this game also has a 5" bell in the head for runs scored. will be one loud game
  8. spent the last few hours making up stencils. had to rescale off the flyer which was a challenge.
  9. got all the flipper mechs all rebuilt and back where they should be. have the new hot flipper coils in from pbr. just about to work on the pop bumper assemblies.
  10. Looking for a set of 31" timber legs for a Gottlieb pinball from the 1950s
  11. miss you pinball rescue. though had this decal saved for a rainy day. found it inside another of my italian gtb pinballs. changed it up a bit. rather than white went ivory. have also done the top arch. also just hate having to rid the game of the 2 old operators stickers.
  12. love the original stationary bullseyes each side.. have never seen this type on any other gottlieb pin from any era.
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