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  1. looking to fill the gaps. looking for a coin operated bumper pool table. also old school milk bar pool table. will arrange shipping. photo for reference
  2. if anybody buys them i would like to buy 2 of the 3 round faced coin entrance as in the attachment
  3. all the pinball resource parts that are left. all em parts for 1950 to 78. all new, please see photos. can post australia wide for free. asking $150 posted for the lot. there are 2 new flipper link assemblies in there also.
  4. looking to buy old milk bar type coin operated pool table. looking for a table pre 1970 any condition, even one that needs full restoration. can arrange shipping door to door. photos just examples.
  5. looking for a set of circa 1970s coin operated foosball players. photo just as examples.
  6. another update on the above. they aren't cheap..like around $100 each!!
  7. dave, just spoke with the guys at retro wombat at thirroul and they have angels 12" records
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