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  1. looking to buy a gottlieb lockdown bar for a 1964 wedgehead. doesn't need the end caps.
  2. just a warning. this arsehole is back to his old tricks do not buy from rob merlo in western australia
  3. really sorry this happened to you. hope you can somehow get your money back. to help others the biggest red flag is once people offer to ship their game (especially through toll) they are 99% times a scam
  4. will go as far as saying it ruined pinball as a hobby
  5. yes this game has been traded for a 1964 gottlieb, so no longer available
  6. noticed one on ebay.com yesterday. would be around aus$200 landed https://www.ebay.com/itm/125706828019?hash=item1d44b5f8f3:g:ic8AAOSwTxRjueqe&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsATkJmS7HFfwdtTFOUuDvPde8jZUvlgnx0zRTOa2MXXS3RoXr3UKlGvOjapVx0R4GSSv4617Xai%2BvNnJJeXSLPGaPUVN3PuCpb0w7upBQ5EsV6jInZtFc%2BSvjVvsszriLrGUo47gkHnCxFi1Jwq2y%2F5AFl6f%2BSQ6ueE2npW2ujGr50hqlVEV7DKhK1wLk3Q23VMhYG7h2e9hpchW65gw94sxuMdUesOTMjRgtmnC7QRe|tkp%3ABk9SR9aO6auyYQ
  7. the plungers are easy to get. chime bars tough. the coils will be difficult. think it would be easier to find a complete williams em chime box and substitute that.
  8. as per the title need a pinball shipped if anyone has any contacts or can help please contact me have tried bill etc and it's out of their zone
  9. he has playball which is the baseball themed pinball from 1971 (baseball is from 1970)
  10. would prefer original but may need to go down the being made path.
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