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  1. own a piece of history! this was the final pinball rescue new request before they retired. lee made these as a one off. so cosmic princess drop target decals asking $20 posted well packed.
  2. have all these em pinball headers. they are as follows: the spin out, jacks open, volley and flip a card are were all bought about 5 years ago from the states. pretty sure licenses closed him. they are really well made (think of corflut or something similar) and printed well. see the photo to see the size compared to the head of the game. these are $80 each. the flipper skill games is a reproduction, can remember if it was pinball rescue or pinball resource that made this. nice product. $100 the quarters and dimes is a double sided hand painted. made of light steel. $80 can send to anywhere in australia at buyers cost. any questions or additional photos etc ask away.
  3. as per title. in excellent condition $10 posted
  4. brand new, pinball door locks x 2 $13 posted to anywhere in australia
  5. yes has exploded views of assemblies, though not one for the plunger assembly
  6. no takers..okay: $35 for any of them posted in oz.
  7. as per photos. would prefer to sell in one lot. all original, 1972 gottlieb has a rip in the front cover. some rare ones in this lot. asking $250 for all posted to anywhere in Oz. any questions ask away.
  8. still finding stuff. not sure about what these were from. they are new old stock, just been in storage for about 20 years. bit of surface rust. free for all 3. won't post, just want a hassle free rid of them locacated bulli nsw
  9. sent a pm to him 24 hours before posting this for sale..haven't heard anything
  10. have another set of the 1970s gottlieb chimes complete in great condition. will post photos later today. $130 + postage, direct deposit only.
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