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  1. Looks like the NZ LEs land June 19 :041::041:
  2. I have found 90s B/W is 200w idle 300w being played, when L.E.D and colour DMD fitted seems to be 100w idle, same as the new sterns. When you are running 30+ Pinballs for the day it does add up to 2-3KW an hour saved
  3. And that's the great thing about it Ferbs, it's there when you can and want to play it. :cool:
  4. haven't been able to work my way through all the numbered ones like 910214, 910206 ..what do those numbers even mean?? That is the date 910214 is 14th Feb 91
  5. I love my B/W, but Sterns have become my favourite, :)
  6. The opto's at the flipper buttons? have they been replaced with contact switch's? Are there any Mod's using the 12v supply?
  7. Disconnect the flipper opto boards and see if the flippers still twitch, looks like a flipper opto is dirty or 12v to opto problem to me.
  8. Dave, Check that the thread is not loose, mine was coming undone and closing the switch. I removed an loc-tited the thread and it's been fine with over 500+ games now :cool:
  9. New code day! :cool: V1.01.0 - June 20, 2018 ======================= - Playfield Validation - motor switches are no longer causing playfield to be validated early (causing early autolaunch / ball search) - Playfield Validation - clairvoyant ball changed from setting valid playfield to add valid playfield switch - Loop Jackpots - fixed an issue where draining while loop jackpots hasn't timed down yet causes no big loops to be registered for the rest of the game for all players - Loop Jackpots - fixed an issue where when loop jackpots are lit and ball jumps the right up post you are no longer awarded 2 loop jackpots - Mystery Award - 3M points award changed to 5M - Mystery Award - 5M points award changed to 10M - Mystery Award - 250K power jackpot boost changed to 1M - Mystery Award - 1M power jackpot boost changed to 3M - Mystery Award - 5M power jackpot boost changed to 6M - Mystery Award - Level 3 award added 'Spot Soul Shard' which can be awarded once after completing 2 mins to midnight - Tomb Award - collecting the award now awards a left ramp shot as well - Tomb Award - add number of possible tomb awards to the tomb award title (Pharaoh's Tomb Treasure #n / 10) - Skill Shot - added Super Secret Skill shots - All Mode Grace Periods - grace period shots are now still available if you do not qualify for soul shard - Cyborg Multiball - fixed an issue with the wrong icons on the LCD changing to solid when those shot types were hit on the playfield - Cyborg Multiball - icon layout on the LCD now matches the playfield inserts - Number of the Beast - add sound effect on total screen for total reveal - Sound / Speaker Test - added all music and speech to test - Enter Initials - can now skip display of all high score awards by pressing both flipper buttons - High Score Tables - change 'Supersling Champion' from hit based to score based numbers - High Score Tables - change '? Master' to say 'Hits' instead of 'Combos' - High Score Tables - screen optimized to fit better into memory - Topper - added topper light shows - Competition Mode does not alter TILT DEBOUNCE time from default 1000ms - Improved font drawing performance - System - Updated to V2.04 - Added adjustments for backbox and cabinet speaker types to the service menu UTIL->VOL. Supported speaker types are "8 OHM" and "4 OHM". The amplifier power curve is appropriately adjusted for the selected speaker type. - Added Maintenance Reboot support. The game will automatically reboot if it has been on for more than 48 hours and has been idle for at least 15 minutes. A 15 second notification display will be presented and can be postponed by pressing both flipper buttons, inserting a coin/bill, or starting a game. - Updated 'TILT DEBOUNCE' minimum value to 750ms to avoid overly conservative configurations. - Adjustment Changes: - added 'TOP EJECT KICK CLEAR FREQUENCY' - defaults to 4 repeated kicks without clearing the scoop results in a 5 kick clear from the scoop, setting to OFF reverts to old behavior - changed 'SUPERSLING CHAMPION' - to reflect scores instead of sling hits - removed 'SONG SELECT TIMEOUT' - removed 'SONG SELECT EVERY BALL'
  10. 3 ball game...393,000 for me .... Charlie beat me by 2 mil on his first game! 395,000 :lol
  11. Put 30 or so games on it, needed a few tweeks (Captive ball rods) came loose, I Used Loctite to secure them. Updated the code to 1.0 (came with 0.97) Build date of May 16. I think any of you Iron Maiden owners LE,PREM or Pro are going to love it. Off to play some more before work :D
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