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  1. Hi @Pinoffski Yes the colours are brilliant. Re-sizing now. might post once we get it installed properly.
  2. Its the first time we tried it and it does have other shortcomings, so will iron those out and re-size.
  3. A part of a major restoration on a Gottlieb's The Amazing Spiderman from 1980, one of the final steps was to find a replacement backglass as the original has seen much better days. Whilst repro's are available from overseas, the cost inclusive of shipping was rather restrictive. So in looking for other options, I tracked down a soft copy of the artwork and thought we would find a Printer who could supply the necessary materials to make a replacement. I left him the original for what seemed like months. Received the finished product on Friday. on first blush, pretty happy with the result the colours are brilliant and sharp. After getting a celebratory beer in readiness to have an evening of Pinball Spiderman style, I carefully removed the original and then inserted the repo. then hoping to light it up in all its LED glory. .........................Maybe I am not finished with the original just yet!!! It would appear our replacement needs to grow a bit! :-). After falling at the first hurdle, I had the beer anyway! Take away here is to always measure twice!
  4. HI @Pinoffski, so the 'bum' of the cabinet is missing! what game - I am thinking something from the SS era!
  5. Hi Wildballers, Its been a few weeks since I messaged you all. Since that time we in Sydney have plunged further into COVID 19 misery. I trust you are all keeping safe and healthy in these crazy times. I am sure I am not alone (pardon the pun) in COVID isolation (was a close contact at my local shops!). As it does not appear this lockdown will be lifting any time soon, so I thought it might be fun (and therapeutic) if we kept connected and started to share what you might be doing to keep Meet/Comp 'fit'? I am sure you all would have some great projects or game play to tell us about. I can tell you that, I have vowed to get my Centaur to work..... reliably!! Working through its issues now- it is 40 years old! At the same time I am practicing on Banzai Run, to see what happens when you get more than 45 laps of the ramp? Will post a pic of my progress. I understand Rawdon is attempting to get the EBD world record. See here https://www.twingalaxies.com/game/ei...deluxe/pinball ​What is the Wildball Throng doing in their collections? Tells us by posting here. I look forward to reading your posts. Obviously until the restrictions on social gathering are lifted posting on AA is a great way for us to stay connected. This darkness will soon pass and we will unite, socialise and play pinball.
  6. Hi Humans, It is with a heavy heart I wish to inform you we have decided to postpone this weeks Wildball Meeting. I have contacted our Host. With the lockdown still in force until Friday it is too close to call. We do not want to cancel at the final moment. Amongst other things, our Hosts (Gabbo is new to Hosting) spend a huge amount of time, effort and money getting their collections ready for the Wildball Throng to enjoy. We would hate to have Gabbo (or any Host) endure all that only to be told on Friday or Saturday, the Authorities are keeping us in lockdown. One hopes this is not the new norm, regardless we need to heed the calls from the experts and keep socially distant. With Brisbane Masters featuring this month (the Board is aware of a number of our players will be attending..... hopefully), we will look a date next month. I will keep you informed. Until then, keep safe, wear a mask (just think of the Jim Carrey Movie) and play pinball.
  7. HI Wildballers, Despite our best efforts to keep this COVID thing at bay, it would appear the current restrictions might put our next Meeting in jeopardy! The NSW gathering rules for those in Greater Sydney limit the number of visitors to a home at 5. https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/rules/greater-sydney#visitors-allowed-at-a-residence The usual number of Wildballers presenting at our gatherings is around 20. If the restrictions are still in play come the 10th July, we will have to postpone our Meeting yet again! The Critical Response Committee is closely monitoring the situation, and have given a 'watch and act' Status. Should things change we will update the Status. On behalf of the Board we wish you all a happy new financial year.
  8. Firstly, thank you one and all helping to re-start Wildball. It has been some time since we all met up, it was great to catch up with the Wildball Throng! Also good to see the machines held up over the evening. Although Centaur and later Gorgar couldn't contain their excitement !!!. I have to thank a couple of people. Lindsay @Pinlinds, for bringing Iron Maiden, Rawdon @Rawdon for helping to breathe life into the machines all day Saturday. Darren @nasco62 for providing pinball rubbers to most of the games played. Nate @Audioenslaved for adjusting the tilt setting on Black Knight (SOR). Some highlights on the night for me were witnessing Pat defeat Banzai Run during his comp game! Then to see RGR demolish Iron Maiden followed by a score of 8 Million on Fathom!!! To the comp. please see the results here https://matchplay.events/live/36zb3/standings I will be forwarding these results to Justin to be included in the NSW Champs. The Wildball Circus now moves on to Gabba's place in July. See you all then.
  9. Hi Wildballers, We are back on for Pinball this Saturday Night to kick start Wildball post COVID. I will PM the usual suspects. Due to COVID I will restrict the numbers to 25, so please let me know you will be attending. Most of the Wildball collective know my collection is a little older (80s SS). I hope to have something a little more modern on the night courtesy of Lindsay @Pinlinds. Re COVID Stuff. Clearly, if you are experiencing flu like symptoms, do not come to Wildball - to go to your GP and convince them to have a pinball machine in the waiting room! I will have hand sanitiser. Please use it. The Machines will be wiped down before and during the night. My reading of the Social Distancing Rules is we can have at least 100 visitors to our house .I doubt we will reach that number :-). Obviously if some COVID calamity happens between now and Saturday we will re-assess. Come and play my Fathom before I sell it and get the new one!!!!
  10. Stand by for change to Meet dates. Our May Meeting will be moves to September. AND we may have a another new Host. Will confirm once all is firmed up.
  11. Obviously, thanks to COVID19 Wildball VIII was abandoned for 2020. I have just returned from a meeting with Wildballs Critical Response Committee. The Wildball Board found it necessary to establish the Critical Response Committee to determine how to react during events such as the Pandemic. With Social Distancing playing an important part in combating COVID 19, Meeting to play a tactual game like Pinball was always going to be 'out of bounds' . In its April Meeting, the Committee has considered a number of options to kick start our Meetings, and in short they have written to the Board recommending the Meetings commence forthwith. So....... Announcing ....... Wildball IX This year will be a reduced series of Meets. Bringing to life the best Pinball League in Australia, featuring lovingly restored and maintained machines from 5 decades from the Electro Mechanical and Solid State years, through the DMD age and into the current era. Now that we can return to social activities the Wildball Trophy will be on offer. The format of the comp will be published soon. The Meets, 1. 22nd May 2020 - Cancelled 2. 5th June 2021 - Cardini's 3. TBA - Gabbo 4. 14th August 2021 - Nasco62 4. September 2021- Skids 5. October 2021 -TBA Dates May Vary. And we may try to add more Meets. The COVID Stuff. We need to respect the social gathering rules. We will be providing hand sanitiser and cleaning the games regularly. Further some of the Games Rooms we visit are tight, so we might have to attendance numbers. Also understand Meets might have to be cancelled or postponed due to COVID. The Hosts. Our ever gracious Hosts have again allowed us to come and play their extensive collections. This year we have Gabbo hosting for the first time. The Throng. Skids defender Rawdon Audioenslaved Aceman db666 Dredd Gabbo Cardini Zac RGR Nich2Pat Symonz Jug123 PinLinds Pinoffski Silverbak Ronl008 Fire_Power Swedish Taxi WedgeHead Thanks to you as well for supporting Wildball. The social aspect of our league is what makes it so special. So we will be offering the places to the Wildball faithful first, listed below. That said, we happily encourage the 'significant others' to join in the fun! please PM or add to this thread to confirm your attendance. Note attendance limits may apply to each Meet. I will forward a PM to the players registered last year. Players list (to come) Competition. We will be running a standalone comp at each Meet. The aggregate of the scores across the Meets will go toward qualifying for the Finals. My usual statement, I want to stress the comp side of Wildball is only part of the fun. The social aspect is equally important. We all have a fondness for Pinball - Tournament play is only a part. The Wildball Meets are held in the games rooms of gracious hosts, with the most diverse range of machines. General playing, repairing, restoring, and plain old reminiscing ( bull sh*ting about the old days) are just as important to this wonderful game. It's all part of the Wildball camaraderie. Fees. In normally each player pays $45 annual Wildball subscriptions. For the 2021 reduced season the subscriptions will be $40. All funds collected are returned to the playing group in the form of Trophy's and prize money. Last year IFPA Australia introduced $1/player for each tournament submitted (we usually have three tournaments across the year). As IFPA are not sanctioning any events, the $1 fee will not be levied. $20 is also paid each Meet to cover food and (soft drinks) supplied by the host. Finally I want to acknowledge subscriptions paid in 2020. At the first Meet I will refund those Subs or apply them to this year's Subs. .
  12. Hello to All Wildballers, I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy in these crazy times. It has been nearly a year since we last met to play pinball. Obviously the COVID pandemic,meant socializing had to be put on ICE so Wildball 2020 (its eighth year) was a write off. I will start another Thread for this year, being Wildball IX. I have approached the Hosts to gauge their appetite for having 25+ people at their home. Whilst restrictions have eased somewhat in Sydney, I think there is still a bit to go before we are truly out of this Pandemic. So entertaining Wildball Meets maybe a little time off still.
  13. Hi Wildballers, Sent a PM to all re resuming our league meets. Please let me know if you did not receive. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
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