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  1. Thanks for checking out my work on this folks, I'm almost to the exciting test build stage. The cabinet is modular i.e. can be assembled and disassembled as needed. Once I'm finished the bottom plate I'll test the fit of all internals. motherboards, power supplies and so on. Here's a few pics of work in progress.
  2. Thanks for the comments Zzap and CandyLand 😀, I guess I should post some pics of the finished CP, done just this evening:
  3. A progress update, I work each day at the surface and paint finish of this cab, it's coming along quite well. I'll focus on getting the control panels done first but I'm spraying all painted parts daily and sanding them back. This one's yellow paint finish is done. I was going to paint the middle sections of these black (see the concept render) but I've decided to use permanent vinyl (matched black) wrap instead. The vinyl surface is better for game playing and should look really nice as well. I'm not going to post umpteen pics of surface finishing but will next update when I start assembling different finished parts.
  4. These bolt holes in the side panels ... ... are history. Side & control panels have been sanded and refined with bondo/filler (all pits, holes gaps etc) and coated with high-build primer. The yellow high build primer is a great undercoat for the rich yellow paint work to come I think. Most of the panels have been coated in high-build primer now. The rough, porous MDF is transformed into a tougher material with clean edges.
  5. You've got lost of interesting and innovative things going on with this project Jenn, keep posting progress because I'm always up for learning new stuff. There's not a lot of cabinet building going on in this forum, I may be mistaken but it seems to be primarily pins these days. When I was in the US at ZapCon I stood in front of rows and rows of boxed, brand new Stern Pinball machines. I helped un-box a few of these machines and set them up. My reward was to be able to play them before the convention opened to the public.
  6. I've never done any carbon fiber work (yet) but I have a project in mind that it would be perfect for. I've been quite busy with this project only interrupted by torrential rain and the partial flooding of my garage. Doesn't matter I'll press on. Keep an eye on my videos because I'm covering finishing and painting in some detail in those. The second control panel is looking more refined now. I built myself a stand for my CRT so I can work on it live while I'm working on the cab. I still use a block and tackle to raise and lower the CRT either into the cab or into the work stand. Lots of work coming up on this, mainly priming MDF and surface finishing before I start spraying on paint.
  7. I've added some new videos to my channel. As I get closer to finishing Pac-Man Legion I'm following the progress with a focus on surface finishing, painting etc.
  8. I appreciate the kind words, thank you. I work on this a bit each day, despite the heat here in Melbourne I look forward to getting out into the workshop each morning. I've test fitted the CRT into the cab WITH the top plate, here's how that looks: I'm putting putting together a few videos for the last stages of this build for my you-tube channel. People can check them out for details on my approach to cab building. 😀
  9. The cab is in various states of unfinished in terms of surface finish and painting as you can see. Before I go any further with anything I need to rebate the top panel. Toughened 6mm glass will go into the top and the underside of the panel needs to be rebated to allow the CRT to fit close to the glass. I don't have the luxury of a CNC so I need to struggle through it with good old power tools.
  10. I love that paint gun! I'll never go back to rattle can after that, just way more control. So the PAC eject mechanism is basically done, quite a few pics to show that last few steps. I'm setting this aside now to work on the main cabinet build again. The last few little parts for the PAC plate fabricated and painted. These parts screwed in place to the PAC plate. The rear of the PAC plate showing the modified Happ button in use in the PAC eject mechanism. The PAC plate screwed into place in the steel side panel insert. This is what was in my head...now made real! Imagine how many words it would take to describe that, no one would understand a rambling description of that anyhow 😉 PAC prototype in place. I've got my quote to get 16 of these laser CNC cut (including blue acrylic eyes) which I'll get done towards the end of the build. Time for a well earned beer! 🍺
  11. The PAC eject button, painted and in fitted to the plate. Mechanical tolerance is still fine, the action is clean. The black finish looks and feels a lot like a hard laminate surface when completely dry. It's a tough auto paint, I want the button to exactly match (blend in with) the plate.
  12. Keep watching and it will look right, That button is destined to be black to match the plate. Surface prep of eject button for priming. Primer applied. Spray painting of these parts completed. I sprayed the coin plate so that it perfectly matches the rest of the black finish. The highly prized smooth black finish 😁 Trigger board fitted to PAC plate - brass (non-magnetic) trigger pins visible. I'm going to swap the PAC eject pin for a brass one to match the trigger pins, the one visible is aluminum. View of trigger board including micro-switches. In the end, just more reliable and robust than the magnetic reed switch solution. PAC plate with additional components (yet to be painted) shown, plus clear lens fitted to plate. Next assembly of PAC plate into side panel plate.
  13. Back at this, with some revision, some new approaches and just progress... Some explanations as these parts come together in the next few posts.
  14. Video of ZapCon VII highlights I attended in 2019 Mesa - Arizona. Reminds me of better days gone by and better days to come. Hope you enjoy. I snuck some great Aussie rock in there 😀
  15. Thanks, I know it's not pretty to look at yet but getting the functional side of things sorted has to come first. The eject mechanism came to me after plenty of pondering on the problem. Around 75% of the force of magnets is exerted at a small distance, separate the PAC from the mount plate just a tiny amount and the PAC swap out becomes practical. The reed switches are so delicate I almost rejected the idea of using them at all. Once they are embedded in resin/bondo though that is no longer an issue. The finish of the completed components will include: -Smoothed and refined mount plate surface -Matte black PAC mount plate and matching matte black eject button -LED lit blue swoosh embedded in mount plate -Seamless integration of mount plate into cabinet side panel (Matte black finish) -Ultra gloss yellow PACs x 15 with blue light up 'eye' - game labels on the back I may choose to get the 15 PACs CNC cut rather than do them all by hand, the main cabinet build beckons 😁 On that note can anyone here offer or recommend CNC cutting at a reasonable cost for (6mm MDF) simple shapes? I don't need the beveled edges CNC'd I will still do that. This would require CNC laser rather than CNC router.
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