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  1. not suitable for any other game but a CGC game
  2. Game 4 just released in the USA We have a sample game leaving in a container next week They are making a Classic Edition and a Deluxe Limited and only 300 production run, managed to secure 20 only Deluxe Limited for Australia
  3. I have both the connector pictured and the header connectors as well, I also have metal tool to crimp
  4. Anyone have the outer Backglass the one with the difusser
  5. we have tons in stock, they are a specific Spec, will be surprised if it works
  6. No Pricing and no orders taken Yet, the game is only a Prototype will not be made till Mid 2022 taking via Email an interest list only
  7. Not taking orders yet, but Queen is coming in 2022
  8. $12,990 nobody pulled out, next container leaving soon and we managed to squeeze in 2 extra unsold games at the old price, as of Sept 2nd both models has increased almost $1,000.
  9. Only an interest list as no model or pricing announced for 2023 Run
  10. CGC has not yet supplied info to Dealers and we only have approx pricing
  11. Approval is just Bally sign off as every product that has a Bally Trademark must be approved. Bally Trademark has always been owned by Ceasars Entertainment Las Vegas. No pricing as yet but with Bill of Material costs 30% more and shipping 3 times as much now, I would expect instead of $11500/$12500/$13500 in the past to be more like $13500/$14500 and $15,500 but i have no released pricing yet. New Updated Code, Interactive Topper, New Operating System I have one of those but not for sale
  12. First batch of Aliens due in this week
  13. I have over 100 of all types Just finishing them off now
  14. Left China in the middle of the night, owing staff and rent etc, hired some unemployed pinball designers Joe ex JJP and AP and an ex Data East guy, Good luck
  15. [TABLE] [TR] [TD]31-2546-6[/TD] [TD]1[/TD] [TD]decal-top side[/TD] [TD]TotAN[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] 50th anniv
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