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  1. Not yet other than at the Queen Museum, Sold over 100 games in 24 hours.
  2. QUEEN AND PINBALL BROTHERS ANNOUNCES NEW PINBALL MACHINE: QUEEN - LIVE IN CONCERT! With over 300 million albums sold worldwide, the iconic British rock band Queen are one of the biggest bands ever. Formed in London in 1971, Queen have released 15 studio albums, toured extensively, and produced innovative film, video and theatre shows for over 5 decades and they continue to pull in the crowds around the world. The time has now come to honour this legendary band with a pinball machine based on their truly spell- binding songs – all played LIVE! The game will be available in two different editions: Champions Edition and Rhapsody Edition. Rhapsody Edition is limited to a run of 1,000 numbered games and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The limited Rhapsody Edition will come with a number of unique add-ons and the two editions will be different in appearance. We have worked closely with the band to ensure their approval and it features the following live songs: A Kind OfMagic, Another One Bites The Dust, Bohemian Rhapsody, Hammer To Fall, I Want To Break Free, Killer Queen, OneVision, Play The Game, Radio Ga Ga, Seven Seas Of Rhye, Somebody To Love, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions and Who Wants To Live Forever. Game Features The game features 14 live songs accompanied by call outs by the band, exclusively recorded for the game. Featured also is Brian May’s legendary Red Special guitar, in the shape of an upper playfield where you can lock balls to start the Red Special multiball. Or you can visit the epic Wembley Stadium to lock balls to start yet another of the game’s many multiballs. Keep an eye on the Radio – it might help you time your flips! Collect autographs, instruments, band mem- bers, tour passes and posters on your way to eventually reaching the final wizard mode »I Want it All!« The game is presented with a breath-taking full RGB light show and a HiFidelity sound system, including an 8” bass speaker. It is hard to imagine a better way of experiencing Queen live, whether it be at the club or in your own living room. It is truly immersive! Pricing and Availability Champions Edition (Orange artwork) $15,990.00 Rhapsody Limited Edition (Golden artwork) $18,995.00 The Rhapsody Edition is limited to 1000 units and will be available through our global distributors. The Champions Edition will become available in Q1 2023.
  3. Wanted a Single Bell Assy for an EM Pinball, Not a Chime unit the 4" Round bell with coil and Plunger
  4. I would stop calling them, emailing them etc, let them build the games
  5. Its clear many peoples expectations of a NIB pinball and Warranty is different to the reality and maybe NIB games are not for those owners. In the most part new or used the first 30 days seems to show any faults, most minor, sometimes buyers are unreasonable and we are unable to sell games to those buyers. Pinball ownership is not like buying a TV, to most working on games is part of the hobby to others it's a chore. Warranty being parts replacement by most manufacturers do not include labour or onsite repairs. We have been working with Government Departments and the early stages of those discussions was the game prices would increase for general game sales with onsite warranty. Those buying for business quote an ABN number and purchase the games cheaper as they don't require the same onsite Warranty.
  6. Heard nothing of these issues at all, they seem pretty simple to troubleshoot, over 30 games went out and most Worked great out of the box? whats the game number and do you have a support Ticket
  7. First 200 will be US shipped to iron out any issues
  8. 2 Headed to Tas 20 odd shipped out about a week ago, a few more Tomorrow, Even shipped one to NZ
  9. we have a spare kit in stock $3,950
  10. We had another shipment of Fully Optioned Hot Wheels Arrive
  11. Kits should be ready to ship in 2 weeks
  12. I might have a spare LV as a customer has flipped it, I hate Flippers and I Now Ban Buyers who flip games.
  13. All the Sold Out LV are built and shipping, I have a spare LV a customer is having trouble coming up with the money
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