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  1. only 2 LV left all the rest are sold out and cant get more, need to order asap
  2. We have a couple of Alien SV in stock would make a great Christmas Present
  3. $495 for a mirrored CC Backglass looks like cheaper than sold in Australia in the past, Only available to remake customers, 1 per Customer and we close order window 15th Dec email sales@mrpinball.com.au to order HD Glass is Invisiglass and we have a crate coming $300 a sheet for CC Remake Buyers
  4. Sample kit in a machine just arrived in the USA for Williams License approval. Once approved we can then take orders,
  5. they are a separate part not from Chicago gaming and about $500 each
  6. we cant take orders yet awaiting Williams final approval, only allocated 20 sets from first Run and will be available in 2-3 weeks. Its around $3100 AUD plus shipping Duty and GST so i put $3900 AUD but may come in cheaper
  7. Take your Funhouse into the Next Generation, A Huge announcement Friday
  8. Yes and they are selling fast as well, about 15 spots left on the SE+ Edition
  9. After the announcement of the SE with Topper most have swapped to the SE+ Cactus Canyon from the SE, We also allocated another 10 LEs to some lucky customers as we didnt receive deposits in time as required.
  10. Mr Pinball Australia has made a decision to add the Topper to the SE at Cost $2,000 extra making the SE $13,990 or SE+ $15,990 thats $1,000 cheaper than the LE
  11. Chicago Gaming Press Release After discussions with our dealers and customers, we have decided to add an option to purchase CCr-SE with the topper. The CCr-SE+ will include all the features of CCr-SE plus the Wild West Shootout Topper. CCr-SE+ will retail in the USA for the same price as the LE was, Dealers will be initially allocated an equal number of this new model as their LE allocation. There are currently no plans to offer the topper separately. The SOLD OUT CCr-LE will continue to have a number of exclusive features including: the Gunslinger Wooded Lower Arch, Mine Cart, Train Tracks, Custom Art Blades, Gun Metal Grey Trim, LE Medallion, Shaker Motor and Extended Warranty. We feel the topper is an important part of the game and want to provide CCr-SE owners an option to enjoy this experience. We could have shipped CCr nearly a year ago but took the time to make this game to the best of our collective abilities. Hopefully this effort is apparent. Any buyers that no longer feel CCr-LE is an exceptional value or feels they will derive less joy from the game due to others having access to the topper will be allowed to cancel their orders with dealers and receive a full refund of deposit money. Mr Pinball Australia is still awaiting our pricing on this CCR-SE+ model before we offer this updated option. also Mirrored Backglasss or HD glass no idea if its an order option fitted at the factory or additional and or where they are coming from, seems the details change daily
  12. No not one for me, i didn't order one early enough Hope the dust settles by monday re orders and deposits received. PS trying to get toppers as an option to buy for SE as there wasnt enough LE allocated
  13. so we only got 65 LE and had to buy 65 SE to get the LE, So regardless of us having enough SE orders we have to take them to get the LE All LE worldwide sold out in minutes, we have an Interest list and will contact LE buyers tomorrow, as well as SE buyers I even have 3 Overseas dealers trying to buy LE from me Our Games are being Built first Qtr 2022.
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