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  1. Yes, something that I think a lot of members, new and old, including myself, have possibly overlooked. A link to the rules is here along with a cut-N-paste of rule #3 for those that still won't go and read the rules: ************************************************* https://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/739-Forum-Rules-*New-Members-Please-Read* Members and guests, before entering this website you must read and agree to the website’s terms of use policy below. 3. Aussie Arcade encourages freedom of speech and debate but personal and racial insults will not be tolerated on this forum. This goes for personal attacks in private messages also. Some times topic's can get heated but you can get your point across without personal attacks. If you feel you have been attacked in an offensive manner please contact the Admins or Moderators with proof or use the "Report Post" button.
  2. Why do people like you resort to calling people names? It just isn't necessary. You make yourself look like a complete fool by doing this. I'm guessing you are 25~35 and full of your own importance with little to no regard for anyone else. That's what I read from your post.
  3. I use that term to describe members that have spend a long time assisting others with their (usually) technical problems. I am not talking about long term members as just anyone. Someone swanning in with a grand post total of under 100 and telling everyone how "it's going to be" just doesn't cut it. Sorry to hear you couldn't control your forum. EDIT: Arcade King is 100% correct. I certainly DO NOT speak for the forum. Each and every post I make is my own and I believe my posts to reflect what I am thinking at the time I post. This could and does change with time like all things BUT I certainly DO NOT claim to be speaking on behalf of the forum or any of it's members. All my opinions and ideas every post.
  4. Not rude at all. It would be sensible for newer members to find out the 'lay of the land' before spouting off about longer term members. Did you actually READ his post?? If you did, and you call me rude, there is something wrong here......
  5. You have 11 posts so (unless you are someone who has been 'reborn' on AA) I doubt many longer term members will share your enthusiasm. Around here you have to prove your 'street cred' before making judgement calls on longer term members, what you 'think' of them means ziltch at this point. There are a few others that could take note of this as well. - - - Updated - - - You keep hyping up PayPus - I will just wait for the day when they sting you. It will come. Let's see how happy you are with them then.
  6. It is very well documented on the web that PayPus is the most dangerous way to accept payment. This is fact. You may well have had a good run but tens of thousands have not. How about some empathy for those who have been stung by PayPus and their shonky ways.
  7. If they are ALL doing it it's unlikely to be the lamps themselves. Connectors Power supply Any mods fitted?
  8. Perhaps he should be advised of the many places he could have things repaired in Australia :unsure
  9. Commonly known as a "Greencap" 0.047ufd cap - probably 63 volt (but you should give us more info so we can determine if this is the case for certain). The "1H" isn't really of interest. Jaycar for $0.25 ?? EDIT: 47nf 100V $0.30 here: https://www.jaycar.com.au/47nf-100vdc-polyester-capacitor/p/RG5105
  10. It depends entirely on what you think you will use it for. Audio only? A small 20mhz one would be perfectly adequate. RF radio repairs? A 200mhz would probably still not be good enough. I would give serious consideration to NOT buying one but it depends on what uses you think you might have.
  11. DO NOT use an allen key in that ferrite core - it will break 100% guaranteed. Horizontal width usually (if provided) will give about 3mm maximum movement. Yes, most chassis DO NOT have a horiz width adjustment of any value - that's just the way it is.
  12. You don't move the yoke to make ANY adjustments of this nature. Those are done "electronically" on the chassis.
  13. It is the clamp that holds the yoke in position - loosen it and you can move the yoke in all directions - snug it up and the yoke "should" remain in position. Moving the yoke is going to stuff up your convergence and purity so be very careful.
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