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  1. I'm about to pull the trigger on a Gorgar overlay from these guys and wondering if anyone in Adelaide wanted to split the postage (~$100 total postage). Apparently for that price, up to 6 playfields can be shipped together... http://www.outsideedgeproducts.com/ Hoops
  2. Cheers for the response. I figured that 3.7 must have been pre-Pi3b+ which is what lead me to the further search. Must be frustrating not being able to update the key front pages.
  3. Problem solved by upgrading to 3.82. The link from the Arpicade website download page only shows 3.7. Found 3.82 in the forum. :x
  4. Is there any known issue with the Pi 3 B+ and the ArPicade firmware..?? The reason I ask is I have bought two new 3 B+ and both refuse to boot with a vanilla version of the image (V3.7). On both units all I get is the lightning bolt on (a black) screen, no boot and the power LED on the Pi flashing (four slow, four fast flashes). Everything I've researched points to the power supply not being able to supply the current, but given I'm running an Arcade style power supply (+5v @ 5a) which measures 5.1V at the Pi, I can't see that being the issue. I've tried another USB power supply (2.5A) and also directly wiring the +5V from the arcade power supply to the Pi (PP2 and PP5) - both no go. The same firmware has been tried on a Model 1 and Model 2 successfully (all clean installs of V3.7)
  5. Sorry to hijack the thread, but can SS be run on MAME?
  6. I'll grab a T-shirt thanks (Large). I won't be playing as I'm a pretty average (at best) pinball player. I will however be coming along on the Saturday night to have a look and meet up with some AA members. Hoops
  7. Hey Guys I'm after a dedicate NBA Jam ideally complete with PCB, joysticks etc.
  8. http://members.iinet.net.au/~hr350@adam.com.au/sideways.jpg
  9. I may have some large off cuts but still working out if I might use them... If you don't find anything in a few months, PM me to see where I am at. Hoops
  10. How much for just the decals...??
  11. I'd be in for a combined shipping buy... Hopefully there'd be a couple of Adelaide boys wanting to split postage. Hoops
  12. Creech seems to be fast becoming the 'must have' pinball for collectors... I'll be following this with much interest as I'm about to do mine :D
  13. Missed this.. hopefully you'll have another order soon
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