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  1. I have A LOT of pm's and that's why I put that post in the thread, I would like to give the opportunity for the person to do right, I didn't want to go all guns blazing until they had a chance, that isn't fair either and I decided I didn't want to deny them the chance to make things right.
  2. exactly crafty, I'm not on here to vilify, I just would like to see the right thing done is all, we are supposed to be here to help each other
  3. the seller knows exactly who he is, I am not going to name publicly yet, I would like to see if he tries to make amends somehow for what he has done, if not, he will be named, plain and simple.
  4. the shopped pinball I was referring to was a different seller, was just putting it out there as someone else has been disappointing new customers also
  5. Sorry for the full inbox guys, should be enough room now, in saying this, if the seller is reading this, you might want to reassess what you are doing, I haven't gone public with your name yet, but my inbox is getting hammered big time. I will not let it out until Sunday evening, I will give you a chance to make amends somehow with the customer you have ripped off! Just to everyone also, I did not know the buyer before this instance, have no association with him what so ever but this exhibition has made me very mad as it's a hard enough scene to keep alive, let alone killing new blood before they get started!
  6. first of all to cmwedge, don't let this put you off, just take a bit of time to research if you get the chance to look at the pin in question, DO IT, that way you can decide if you are happy to pay what they are asking on what they are selling, this decision is ultimately your own if you have the right info. Secondly, sorry for the 1 paragraph, funny how ppl take the focus off of the subject with such rubbish, yes fair enough I could have punctuated, paragraphed, double spaced, do me a favour, don't hi0jack this thread with that rubbish, this is about giving potential buyers the idea to be careful on what they buy and be COMFORTABLE paying what they are. Thirdly, I am not saying AA is at fault at all, this is just the best public forum for it as the buyer is a member here as well as the seller, more to outline what can happen and to those doing it, be careful as people are watching. Oh, is this paragraph too long for you? get over your petty shit
  7. As all you will see, I have not been on the forums for a very very long time, due to a number of reasons. Unfortunately my return is not one of joy. As you all know we are 95% pinball and arcade enthusiasts on here, willing to help others, whether it be advice, skills or a good deal. To my dismay though, I have seen people on here more and more often getting in either 1 pinball machine or containers of pinball machines and selling them at inflated prices, this is common practice everywhere I guess, albeit unacceptable it just happens. However a couple of weeks ago, I saw the most DISGUSTING exhibition of this I have seen yet and has come by the hand of 1 of the members of this site! I was tracked down a couple of weeks ago by a local in my area who purchased a machine from an active member on this site, unfortunately through previous discussions I was already a little weary. He purchased this machine for at least $700 - $1000 over what it would sell for, fair enough, first time buyer, didn't know the questions to ask. He was assured this machine was in 100% working order, he contacted me as he was having multiple issues. Not to be a person to take all on my own, I contacted another person in the area and we made a joint call to have a look at the machine and diagnose what should have been, standard little shitty problems. Well this poor guy got ripped big time, for starters there is no way in hell this machine was ever cleaned, played or even had 1 ball through it after it was off the container, just not possible. 50% of the lights weren't working, for 2 reasons, 1) they weren't even there 2)that lighting matrix was upset to say the least. Also, nearly all backboard lights were removed. Then there were the mechanical problems, certain areas would not function 100% at all times, sometimes it would sometimes it wouldn't, fair enough, is an easy enough fix but once again was told this was a FULLY working machine, all I can say is BULLSHIT!!!! Needless to say, this was not the end of it, seems the ps board may have to be rebuilt, connectors repinned also. Several wires have already been resoldered by the new owner also. The problem I have with this is, that fair enough, machines do get these problems over time but when they are sold all of these are generally open information to the potential buyers. In this case however the seller has told this customer that he spent approx $1000 on this machine after getting it off the container, even more BULLSHIT!!!! This seller knows exactly who I am talking about and I'm not going to pull punches about it because this is straight out theft! This machine was sold for a little over $2500 in this condition (but of course advertised as fully working) where it is common to see them go for $2k in 500% better condition. This has since left a sour taste in the owners mouth and is disappointed, unfortunately potential is there to lose another new member to the corrupt thieves on this site and to not enjoy the scene as much as they can. I'm not going to name the seller, but if anyone wants to know who it is, I won't hold back, this prick has just stolen at least $1000 and it needs to be made public, fair enough, if you want to rip people off, do it somewhere else and don't try to post on here like you are some important knob. You are a worm who knows 7 shades of ****ed, sell a machine for what it is not what you want it's ppl like you that screw it for everyone else. As mentioned, won't go public with the name, but if ppl are looking to buy machines and want to know who it is, I will be more than happy to tell them who to stay away from. thanks for the rant, but needed to bought to attention. p.s. there is a second seller on here who has mad a nice little fortune fro selling machine for an extra sum of cash because they were shopped out, if you say it's shopped, shop it, don't ever ship a machine with broken lamps, plastic, rubbers again unless it is stated to the buyer!!!!!
  8. the board I have supports crossfire but not sli so would prefer a single card solution for now and from what can see ATI has better bang for buck atm
  9. Hi guys, I want to replace my 8800gt card but not looking to go all out yet (unless it's the right price lol) and would like to see if anyone has an economical sollution for me, i.e HD5850 or above, doesn't have to be ati. Please let me know, cheers, Zane.
  10. I apologise for the delays guys, I am just struggling to find a lot of time atm, I will be goin through the posts tonight and replying to each of you, sorry again. Also, I am in the look out for a replacement gfx card, hd5870 or higher, maybe if someone has one floating around we can arrange some sort of swap for what is still available on the xbox's ?
  11. sorry for the delay guys, been crazy busy, it is JUST the console, nothing else :) I bought them as a bundle for $80 each, was informed by seller they all worked but don't lol. I have fixed RROD quite a few times, but just don't have the time atm. Also, if anyone wants to make a bundle offer, by all means, go for it and also I will check postage prices for people :)
  12. Hi guys, have 5 360 consoles only for sale, 3 work fine 2 have rrod, looking for $60 per working and $50 per red ring.
  13. plays awesome, looks awesome and with NOS plastics is awesome! someone must buy it
  14. xp would be suffice, not sure if there are any 64bit pieces of software that needs to ruin in a cab, so xp would be best choice for less risk of incompatibility.
  15. i Have been interested in a twister, but haven't played on, a lot of people say it's not a very good machine due to the lack of options to shoot for, what is everyone elses opinion?
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