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  1. Happy birthday mate. Will see you a bit later on today at masters!
  2. Price Drop to $11 300 This fella and i discussed an agreed price, but then there was no cash transfer or absolute commitment he would take it. A very helpful AA member alerted me that it was advertised on gumtree around Newcastle https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/nelson-bay/collectables/adams-family-pinball-machine-for-sale/1297910166?fbclid=IwAR2PKZtvIYJkU3CW-43zEiJ3JYH4fQIIGJWGqIdViVHvdyxe_myLrsbSfas He used my pictures, said it was his machine (its not!) needs to be gone this weekend, and i guess thought he could make a quick $2k by never even taking possession of the machine. He's messaged me heaps asking for account details, has booked Bill in, but i'm just ignoring messages for the time being. so people are welcome to buy it for $14k off him, or go direct through me (the real owner) and grab it for $11300!!!!
  3. robm


    Scored these 3 today. Will prob strip down and rebuild the Falcon.
  4. Fully working Addams Family. Not the best condition but far from the worst. Pros: Heaps and heaps of mods (I’ve removed the tv as it wasn't working. Happy to leave to go with the machine but understand it's not working). See pics for all mods Cabinet is solid but base needs replacing (although its not falling out) Boards, display, translite are all very good. No battery damage on mpu or resets Playfield is better than many I've seen All coils and switches work, plays fine Cons: Base of cabinet needs replacing – if you want to, not required – it just shows the moisture damageVery slight moisture damage in one patch on back of headbox Playfield mansion decal lifting very slightly at top – dab of glue should fix that Poor paint job on rails, lockdown and legs. Suggest restore back to original or custom powder coat 3 flasher sockets missing from topper – there is custom blue lighting up there Rubbers needs replacing and old residue from polish needs cleaning (I think someone must have polished and never buffed it off properly) – easily removed, I’ve cleaned some quickly. Shooter rod needs new spring - can only just get past swamp entry So with all of that, I think its probably better than most ‘as is’ condition Addams, particularly with the mods. Its absolutely playable as is, and plenty would be happy with that with no need to do anything. I’m in Townsville, Bill knows me and my place well for transport, or I’d be happy to wrap and pallet and drop at a transport depot. Also happy to send you as many pictures as anyone would like, or video call and run through the machine. Also very happy to swap for a Rush with cash adjustment depending on model or consider payment in cryptocurrency. $12 300 EDIT Price Drop $11 300
  5. Awesome stuff. Reminds me of the machines I got in this thread Enjoy the Resto process!
  6. Really enjoyed listening to these John. Great conversation and content.
  7. OK, looks like i might be onto a winner. Followed the schematic past the buffer chips (u1 and u3) and they led to the 6809 at u4 on mpu. Swapped it out and all good!
  8. Some progress - i borrowed another DCS board and it is showing the same symptoms (with the same, or different sound ROMs). Also tried a different power driver board with no change. So this appears to confirm the issue is not the sound board itself. to date i have swapped: Sound board, fliptronics, power driver and ribbon cables. That really only leaves MPU, or a power connector somewhere (don't think its DMD driver since it has occasionally done the reset thing without it connected. My mate who loaned me the soudn board can't find his spare WPC-S MPU, so i can't swap MPU out at the moment.
  9. Thanks for this John. So i pulled the power driver board out and did the 22ohm resistor mod to the 5V regulator so now its putting out 5.1V. Measuring 5.08v or so at the sound roms - between the legs of the rom itself. When measuring AC between ground and 5v on the sound board i get nothing. I also reflowed all header pins on power driver board but everything looked pretty good visually. So i tried another ribbon cable for the 4th time -no change. Also swapped fliptronics boards again as ive got it consistently playing fine, as long as the fliptronics board is not connected. I also tried removing all other connectors from fliptronics, and only the ribbon cable, and it goes back to the problem. Even when i left the game running for 10 mins with the ball in shooter lane (so sound adn music playing), and when as i connected the ribbon cable to fliptronics, 15 seconds later, the sound board reset - voice would work, but no music.
  10. Took the sound board to a mates place with an Indy and it worked fine (Dirty harry sounds in indy). So then i got advice to replace the buffer chips on the MPU which seem to be u1 and u3, and still no change. The sound board just keeps giving a startup bong that is stilghtly cut short, like its continually booting/resetting. There is 4.93V DC at ROM chips on sound board and the connector goign to sound board. Given the sound board worked in an Indy no problem, i'm assuming the chips mentioned above in the quote are OK. It sux i don't have another WPC-S board to swap
  11. No corrosion or battery leakage. Tried a ribbon cable from a different machine and no change. I don't have another wpcs machine so can't swap mpu unfortunately
  12. Nah both ribbon cables I tried have plenty of length. Know what you are talking about as have had some that are tight
  13. Have just aquired a Dirty Harry. The sound gives 1 bong on startup, then nothing. However i reseated all the ROMs on the sound board - no signs of corrosion on legs or the sockets. I also reflowed the header pins on the sound board. No errors come up in the self test. I resinstalled the sound board, and it worked for part of a game then went back to intermittent sounds - just bits of sound and/or music at random times. Whats unusual is that at random times, even in attract mode, the sound board gives the single 'bong' as if its resetting constantly and rebooting - however gameplay is not affected at all, so its not a MPU reset. I also reseated all ribbon cables, swapped the one you mentioned with another from a different machine and no change Voltage at sound ROMs is 4.93V If i leave the fliptronics board OR the DMD driver board disconnected from the ribbon cable, all sound works fine. However if i connect either one back on so 4 (instead of 3) boards are connected to that ribbon cable, sound cuts out and resets. I've swapped fliptronics boards with another one, no change. I also installed a pinsound board from another machine, and it worked fine. So from this i assume issue must be on the sound board. I replaced all the 1uf electo caps, plus a 100uf electro, still having the same issues. Any ideas on what to test or replace on the sound board? Its not an option to leave the pinsound one in as its from a mates machine.
  14. Yeah ticket to ride with destination cards is good. The option of taking more destination cards towards the end of the game if you get you initial destinations is interesting from a risk reward perspective. Sometimes you nail it and other times it destroys you We went camping last weekend and friends had one called codenames. Pretty simple game but makes you think about linking words together by saying only 1 word. Really need 4 players though
  15. Message incoming
  16. Agree completely. Reminds me of a conversation I had with someone who was convinced if we pump water uphill then have it run back downhill through a series of paddles then they could drive a turbine to generate more power than it cost to pump up the hill.... unfortunately didn't understand the concept that you can't create something out of nothing and in any mechanical system there are losses.
  17. I do get your sentiment, however my job invovles working with farmers and have done for the last 20 years. The reality isn't trusty 30 year old tractors and the farmer fixes everything. The reality is tractors are now connected to the cloud (where there is service, or once it gets home in wifi range), the farmer gets a notification if something is wrong and its all computer controlled and not a whole lot is repairable by the average farmer. Now i agree this is not ideal, i love fixing and tinkering with stuff myself - but farming is a business, not a lifestyle (for the majority of large scale farmers who produce most of the food and fibre), Farmers i work with have wireless cameras on all thier equipment so they see machinery operating in the cab and mointor for breakdowns, blocked planter chutes etc. 90% of machinery is GPS autosteer to 2cm accuracy. Many of the farmers i work with have completely automated furrow irrigation systems. We help them set up computer software which determines soil moisture (based on complex models and real weather data), this software then will start an irrigation event, sensors in the paddock turn it off. We are alos working towards self learning irrigation where it improves efficiency each time through adjusting flowrates, run times and other factors. Most farmers have solar, not because they love solar, but because it makes business sense based on the cost of electricty and the need to run pumps most dfays for irrigation. They are all constantly looking for ways to make technology work for them.
  18. It's already happening ELectric vehicles and technology in Ag has huge potential. Not for everyone to start with but that is some serious power in the video above. Also the tesla cyber truck is rated to towing around 7t. Way better than any current 4x4 on the market Iv
  19. Good luck and take your time to enjoy it! Here is a link to my conversion. Send me your email address via pm and I will sharey Dropbox folder with a heap of pictures, cutout files and more S
  20. Ticket to ride is a fun game with some strategy. We also have a tile based game called Hive. A little like chess but less structured and good fun. Can quickly flip from attack to defence and change the whole game. Also got Munchkin recently, bit tricky to understand at first but after a few games get the hang of it. We've played with 3 or 4 but can't see why 2 player wouldn't work. Plenty of random and revenge type plays in it.
  21. Brings back memories of the Townsville Floods 3 yrs ago...
  22. Hook looks awesome mate! Pitty its a rubbish game haha
  23. Presumably this is based on final placings for each event? eg: If you qualify 1st in say target matchplay but then come 8th in finals, you would get points the 8th place, not 1st qualifier? Also, had a couple of the newbies attending ask if there was a game list - assume it will be a mix of old and new?
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