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  1. VRA going for a bit of a run. Up over 100% in the last 10 daays or so
  2. Wondering what is happening here? I submitted some results a week ago, and IFPA website says a tournament requires payment, so it appears results wont get accepted until that happens?
  3. Have a mate with the attached jukebox. Apparently it grabs CDs and puts them in the wrong spot and breaks them. He wants to know if he can send the mechanism to someone to repair, and if so, who.
  4. I have one from a Twilight Zone that is tripping the house RCD. Suspect there is a short in a winding. I was going to have a go at having a closer look (should be able to measure resistance of pairs i think) and maybe look at a switch mode power supply for whatever winding is shorted. Or try and repair if possible. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in
  5. Brilliant! I only understand 5% of what you have written, but its still awesome
  6. Hmmm, interesting. I purchased some VRA the other day, just didn't realise the staking rewards (bought throuhg Kucoin), will transfer to a VeraWallet now! Do you think there is a link because China bans something then the world will follow? I'm just not sure there is a link. China has banned Justin Beiber from entering, will he be illegal elsewhere? They have also banned Big Bang Theory from being shown on TV or streaming - will other countries follow and make watching this and other shows illegal?
  7. I can instantly convert my crypto into real money at the click of a button. Or I can transfer it to someone in return for something of value. I can also instantly transfer crypto to a visa card and use that to buy anything at anyplace that takes a visa card. ( If anyone is interested in this let me send you a referral code and we both get $25 through crypto.com) So yes not what we conventionally think of as money but pretty close to it. Ive only started playing over the last 12 months or so but quite a few 100% up on until investments. Plus I can stake so getting much better returns than any term deposit or bank interest.
  8. Great stuff mate. Keep it up! I was talking to someone on the weekend and they asked (keeping in mind I have no idea) is it possible that if this machine has a virtual file for vpin then can you extract that code and use it in Arduino? Probably showing my ignorance with this question...
  9. Ended up being the 6821 at IC26, see here for all the details https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/firepower-sling-locking-on
  10. Really appreciate that mate. Will have a look in the morning and message you
  11. I think all plastics are there in the box
  12. You sir, are an absolute legend! I actually have the red plastic as got it as a spare in a one order!
  13. Quite a while ago i bought a few project machines, one of which was a High Hand. From what i understand, the previous owner had the playfield cleared (we are talking 15 plus years ago) and nothing done since. So i bought it as is, with a box of parts. Pics show how it is. Being fairly confident in SS machines and repairing them, i am really keen to understand EMs more - but still haven't got my head around them. A bit of a surprise, was that quite a few of the parts are missing.... from what i can see, missing parts include: * All rollover switches (the plate under the playfield with wire that protrudes through the switch slot) * All ball trough parts (thanks to @thejudge have some of these, but need the kicker mech and rollover/switch plates/wires) * flipper bushes/links/plungers * centre hile kickout mech (coil is there, nothing else) If anyone has any leads on those parts, particularly the rollover switch parts, or info on part numbers, i would greatly appreciate it This will be a long term thread, as its just somethign for me to tinker with when i have time. I would like to get it functioning first, then worry about the cabinet and other parts to make it look pretty. I did power it up, and reset score reels to zero, and the bonus unit keeps on rotating along with the motor. Would this be because switch parts might be missing, or is it possible to get it to reset without all the parts i've listed above? Pics
  14. Price is $6800 for the pair of machines Both have brand new led displays, Mpu and power rectifier boards, also both have had power driver board refurbished by Ken. Both play fine. Pics show condition, Silverball has a small chunk out of back of cabinet that faces the wall. Both have a few globe holders that work when you wriggle the bulb but then go out again after a bit. 5 or 6 of these in each machine. Both cabs are pretty standard for the era with a few scratches etc. Can send a heap more pics or video of machines playing. Machines in Townsville and Bill will be here in the next few weeks, contact him for a door to door transport quote.
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