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  1. Sengoku-100$ Puzzled-50$ Both for 130$
  2. All carts are original.All tested and working.No bootlegs. Alpha Mission 2-110$(Sold) Sengoku-100$(Sold) Super Sidekicks 2-20$(Sold) NAM-1975-100$(Sold) Crossed Swords-110$(Sold) Puzzled-50$(Sold) Work with PayPal. Delivery is 18$ for 1 or 2 carts. Delivery for three carts 20$ Delivery for 4 carts-free All prices are in US$. Can reduce the price for more than 3 carts Everything will be pack safety.
  3. I have two of these and with the same wear(on same place). Looks like weak part point of this machine.
  4. Important message: All parts on half price for indefinite period of time. I need to collect some cash so that's why I do this. After this all prices will back to normal. I will not edit the list-just when you read 8$ its 4$ and etc.
  5. All brand new,old stock. PS/PS2 extension cable -green transparent(2pcs) -white transparent(5pcs) -purple transparent(4pcs) 3$ for each one DVD+CD Remote Control PSX(5pcs) 2$ for each one Big Deal XBOX Jump Starter Kit(1 left) 30$ Gamecube Arcade Stick(1 left) 40$ XBOX Combat Command Multiplayer(2pcs) 11$ for each one XBOX Keyboard(4pcs) 10$ for each one Big Deal Gamecube Jump Starter Kit(4pcs) 35$ for each one PS2 RF Adaptor 2$ PS/PS2 Gamepad Convertor(2pcs) 2$ for each one Big Deal Pack cables PS2/XBOX/GC(3бр) 15$ for each one XBOX Controller S-Type(3pcs) 12$ for each one Gamestation 2 Organizer PS2 20$ Game selector 15$ GBA Rally Wheel 10$ Gameboy Neoprene Case 4$ Gamecube RF Adaptor 2$ PC Trend Pad COM PORT(9бр) 2$ each Hulk Gamecube Starter Kit sold TOTAL PRICE FOR EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE DELIVERY IN EUROPE-270 US$ TOTAL PRICE FOR EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE DELIVERY IN US/CANADA/AUSTRALIA-300 US$ The pices are in US$ (or equivalent in AUS$). Pics: Delivery information International and Europe -Begin from 5$ depending in the country I work with PayPal: arakissun@gmail.com I can reduce the price for multiply items Everything will be packed very well and safety
  6. This idea came from this previous mod: https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/arcade/video-arcade/2194648-mvs-custom-cartridge-box#post2194648 For the cardbox used TP-Link TP-WN-725N Little work with Photoshop to fit the original box picture. I didn't stretch the picture,just fill the empty space with the same background color (because TP-Link box is little wider than the original box).
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