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  1. I purchased LED fittings like this (they're 100-240v) Removed the existing light fitting from the blast and used the existing bracket to install, crimped up the same connector to connect straight into the existing power connector (this was intial test of wiring up) The final product of it wired up using the existing bracket And with the marquee installed
  2. I changed my blasts to LEDs.. it was a major PITA to get the 100v starters and I think they're the screw in type too iirc (and they were really expensive) I think my NNC will have the same issue too, so I'm going to have to re-evaluate that too when the time comes around.
  3. Spent some time on the public holiday to configure the monitor. Here's the cross stitch of the monitor before any convergence work.. After about two hours worth of mucking around and me $h**ting myself, this was the best I could do (also ran out of convergence strips) The bottom left could probably use another one or two strip, but there's definitely a difference on all corners, especially the top left! In game, it's a lot more forgivable and nowhere near as noticeable as it used to be. Of course, the back view 🙂 - yep, I got happy with silicone. I really don't want to be taking this monitor out anytime soon She's finally back in the cab and I had a good gaming session on Wednesday night. Was about to drop a few coins on it yesterday until this happened..... Turned the cab on, noticed something was off when I saw the monitor and upon checking the colour chart... blue channel is missing!! FMD it just doesn't stop! This cab really hates me! hahah At this point in time, given the history of this cab, I almost rage quit and threw in the towel, but I stepped away for 10 mins, regathered as I knew I had a spare neck board for this chassis - I already came across this issue with the other blast city and I replaced the neck board. Back on the "workbench" (aka floor :D), I desoldered the two wires on the neck board and swapped them around. Turned it on and voila! I got blue but no red! ARRRGGGHHHHH My last resort before emailing Joey was to reflow the 3 transistors responsible for the 3 rgb channels on the neck board. Turned the cab back on with the reflowed neck board and bob's your uncle! Everything is back to normal! Thank f**k for that! Got her installed again (back didn't like it) and dumped a few credits on DOJ! For now, arcade universe is balanced again and I really hope there's no more challenges for this blast city ever. I've been told by a few people to sell it off, but given the amount of work I've put in, it'll most likely be sticking around for a few years 😄
  4. Thought I'd put it out there, but just wondering if anyone had a spare NNC flat screen tube+monitor they'd like to let go. I'm keen to replace my current Naomi Universal Wei-Ya flat screen with the NNC flat screen No longer required - purchased a NNC
  5. Thanks. Yeah it is.. But I had it coming since I was mucking around with it so much. I've still got a yoke buzz that I'm not too keen on when I start the unit up, but goes after the cab has warmed up
  6. Joey's analysis of my 2931 So essentially I FUBAR'd my 2931 - note to self, never turn on a chassis ever again without the H/V connectors from the yoke connected. I received the working spare chassis on Thursday and to say I was careful when putting on the chassis is an understatement! 😄 😄 Turned her on... and BEAUTY! SHE WORKS!!! 😄 😄 After the excitement of seeing it alive again, reality came back down when I couldn't stretch the image wide enough See how I was on HSIZE MAX but I'm still missing a big chunk on the right and a little on the left? On a good note, the video clearly shows that the wavy corners are no longer present. So it must've been the chassis all along and not the yoke! https://youtu.be/a-DPG4vEVe8 I guess as a bonus, I have an impregnated yoke. There's still some buzz that occurs when you start up the cab, but seems to disappear after a while. So after searching for information all over the place, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I couldn't get the image to expand. I tried the H-Drive pot (didn't change it too much). I tried the "extension" menu with additional settings (hold down a button for 3 seconds) but there was no setting. I know on the 2930 there was a pot HSL for horizontal size limit, but I couldn't find anything for this chassis. When in doubt, what do you do? RTFM 😄 :D. I found the service manual of the 2931 - low and behold there's commentary there talking about entering a "factory adjustment mode" which is different to the "extension" mode So I did exactly as the manual said to, hold down all three buttons for 3 seconds and VOILA! Factory Mode Scrolled through the menus and what do you know, I came across a H-LIMIT option 😄 (I went from 18 max to 34). What did increasing it from 18 to 34 do? Edge to edge image! Spent another hour or so trying to get the colour right and this was as good as I could get it And of course, it wouldn't be my cab without this game on the test bed 😄 This was a very good weekend for the cab - unlike a few weeks ago 😄 Next to do is fix the corners properly and then do this exercise all again for "31khz".
  7. Only really want a working dsp board. But how much would a cage be?
  8. Thought about getting it from yahoo auctions japan? I've seen it show up there a few times. I would imagine it'd cost a bit to send over
  9. Nice! Is this imported? You don't see many lindberghs our way
  10. Yeah I've had that feedback from a few people that have also forgotten to plug the yoke in before. I don't really want to touch it any further and risk further damage. I'll send it off to Joey and see what he thinks
  11. The universe just doesn't want me to love the blast city! 😄 Backstory: The blast city had some "buzzing" that got louder as time went on. After reading a thread on AP, it pointed to some stuff inside the yoke and would need "cleaning" but to do so would mean removing the yoke - something I was absolutely petrified of doing due to the risk of damaging the neck. Fast forward to today: I received convergence strips and finally worked up the courage do the maintenance. Upon removal of the yoke, a few crusty bits came off and some permalloy strips also came off the tube I gave the yoke a good dust with a dry brush and got it to a reasonable state After putting back everything, the buzz was mostly gone - still a little buzz, but nowhere near as loud. I started mucking around with the convergence strips and you can see the difference. Before convergence strips https://youtu.be/xkKmZ_YuRtM After https://youtu.be/RzY8RUkIULg Only problem I have now is I seem to have introduced "wavy" corners and I have no idea how or why they've been introduced. I don't believe it can be "caps" as I don't recall this previously and this chassis has been serviced back in October with very minimal use. They seem more prominent on the right side versus the left side, but it's definitely there. Would loose windings cause this? If you look at the top there's probably a couple of loose copper. Any suggestions would be great as I really want to stop that "wavy" part and it only appears to be on the corners https://youtu.be/q1o4dS3Ab-Y A lot of trial and error this weekend 😄 but still haven't gotten to the bottom of it unfortunately 😞 I tried plugging in the vga (31khz) to my naomi universal and I didn't get any wavy corners. Monitor is powered via the blast city, everything else is on the naomi https://youtu.be/hFNpm6bFTMM So I thought, I'd try it on my Blast in 31khz - same result, no wavy corners. Tried it on my Astro City in 15khz with a new 15 te amp up cable and totally separate from the blast city (didn't use the blast city at all) and unfortunately the wavy corners are still there even when using the astro city https://youtu.be/FSj0HuWtbzo Confirmed that the wavy corners aren't there when using the MS8 on the astro city, so it's definitely related to the monitor and the gut feeling is something in the yoke. I took out the yoke again for further inspection and couldn't really see anything outside of some residue from the tape Upon putting the yoke back, I introduced MORE buzz https://youtu.be/R3bKkX9sz-E I also reached out to Jomac who stated this: After taking out the yoke again, inspecting it some more, this fell out and I thought bingo! This vibrating is what's causing the buzz and interference on the corners. Unfortunately, upon installing back it got rid of the buzz, but wavy corners are still there. Going back to what Joey said, I thought those couple of windings that appear to be loose could be the cause, so I tried securing it with electrical tape to see if it had any effect Unfortunately no effect 😞 So right now, there's still a slight buzz and the wavy corners still exist. I'm really out of ideas exactly trying to "secure/seal" the yoke as best as I can with silicone as outlined here - http://www.albyhus2.se/_eget/monitors/MS-2930-S/ One side of the yoke has "movement" when you press down on it unlike the outer side that has no movement https://youtu.be/EuHEcTuBMLs Purchased a can of PCB Lacquer to tighten the windings up and used up almost 1/2 the can - she was pretty secured! After the initial test, there was no change to the wobble, so the last ditch effort was to impregnate the yoke with silicone. There was no way this the windings were vibrating! Still no difference. I decided to live with it as it wasn't present on 31khz and in 15khz it wasn't all that bad once playing a game. I was fixing the corners and then for whatever reason, I decided to do one more removal of the yoke and when I installed it back, I forgot to plug the yoke connectors to the chassis. I turned it on, heard some buzzing and no pictured. Quickly turned it off and then I realised the yoke wasn't connected. After connecting the yoke back, turned it on, I got this 😞 BOOOO!!!! 😭😭😭 What do you do, it is what it is unfortunately. Hopefully I can get this fixed.
  12. A few days seems more like it - I had to do it on my phone yesterday and on my pc this morning. It's no biggie, I can always re-sign back in. Just wondering if other people are also experiencing it
  13. Quick question, is there a cookie expiration after x amount of days? Reason I ask is there's been a couple of times on my phone and pc where I've been asked to re-sign in even with the "remember me" check box ticked
  14. Who knows... I'm guessing his warehouse people may have gone, we need you out in 1 month. He's said it wasn't financial, purely logistic issues. It's a sad day for arcade the ppl over there as he was a big part of the importing community over there.
  15. Yeah, I know a few people with the 1080p versions... A monitor swap will eventually happen, for now I'm OK with them being 720p
  16. Nice! Noirs are definitely great cabs. My only issue with mine are the 720p monitors. They'll do for 360 and ttx2 games.. But one day they'll need to be upgraded to 1080p monitors. Japan freight is crazy atm.. Actually every freight is.
  17. Do tell.. Upcoming projects? Love a food project! 😅
  18. Yeah it's predominantly the 15khz 360 setup, but it's interchangeable to IGS PGM jamma and Naomi 31khz Tate games.
  19. Thought I'd bump this thread and test the mobile version with a photo 🙂 Got this panel from YAJ and I must say, I'm a big fan of it. It's very lindbergh/Sega vshg but for the OG candies
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