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  1. It is sold - thanks guys. Had some interest interstate, but local buyer was happy to take it, so went with that. Thanks all :)
  2. Ummm, bump.... :redface Discussing the "to do list" with the bride today and have promised this is still up for sale. Price drop to $9,250 (ono) might help it move? This is a genuine sale of this pin, despite not pushing the for sale ad down people's throats. That's just not how I work. If there's genuine interest at a fair price I'll let it go. Someone else can enjoy it - I just don't have the time to enjoy my toys at the moment :(
  3. Bump... Open to offers, have definitely decided it is is time for it to go. A couple of pics to prove it exists! Happy to take/send more :)
  4. Been lurking on the forum but not much interaction from me. Work is insane, bought a new house and have been doing stuff there. And that's where this post comes in - it's time to "re-purpose some of our resources" as the pollies mightsay. Haven't played it in ages and figured the funds could do some good around the house, so it's time for AC/DC to be on the chopping block. BIB LE, purchased from AMD. HUO. One owner. No fancy mods or anything like that, except a set of Cliffys, which I've still only half installed. Looks and plays like new - just gave it a bash to make sure. The only cons are the animated band doesn't work. Figured the coil went AGES ago, but always thought it was kinda lame so never fixed it. There was a little bit of wear on the ball kickout from the trough, before I put the Cliffy on. It's totally covered now and you would never know it's there. Other than that, no wear, no spots or marks. Asking $9,250 (ono). Happy for inspection. A couple of pics to come, need to make room in my AA storage. But you all know what a BIB LE looks like. Will send hi-res pics to (serious) interested parties.
  5. Knew you'd be there Ando ;). Still a couple to be announced. Hoping for Machine Head, but think the chances are slim. Interesting to see how the 2 day format goes.
  6. Ahh, the joy of parenting. My 7 yr old boy was so pumped to update the code. He got to crank it up first ball and sang along to ride the lightning the whole way. One of his fave songs he tells me. Brings a tear to the eye haha!
  7. Ride the Lightning for Sparky multiball. Excellent.
  8. That's a cracking update! Only a couple if games (too much to do sadly), but wow! It's going to cop a hiding this afternoon!
  9. As long as it's something more than just adding 2 songs....
  10. If he gets a hundred, it will be as tough as they come...
  11. Clarke is getting absolutely hammered. But I agree, what a beautiful place!
  12. I went with Ride the Lightning. Still can't believe that a song about a guy in the chair is not tied to the Sparky toy. I considered doing that thing where you swap out songs etc. (can't remember the name of the program), as Ride and Creeping Death are exactly the same length (out by 1 second), but figured I'd wait and see what they do with the code. Also voted Damage Inc. So good!
  13. Metallica Club's Facebook page taking votes for adding 2 songs. I've suggested that finishing the code might be a nice idea! At least they must be working on something....
  14. Very cool. ED3/Army of Darkness is one of the coolest movies ever. So very, very cool. Can't believe my wife doesn't agree. I mean, WTF??
  15. Love the little gems on CV. Adds some personality to the game (even if you can't always see it) :)
  16. Sweet :). Is the web site back up?
  17. I've looked for a decent strategy guide, without success. But that's probably because the code is a ways off being done. So I wouldn't get too caught up in the strategies just yet. Hopefully that big update comes soon and someone puts out a good guide. As it is, I just shoot for fun really. Go for multiballs, combos, etc. Best score about 105m.
  18. Going tomorrow to check them out. My daughter's birthday and she wants to go to TZ. Bugger ;)
  19. Searching....... Seek and Destroy! Really hope the code gets some love. At the moment AC/DC is a better game, but this is way better looking and the music? Well, don't start me. Still, should be Ride the Lightning for the Sparky multiball. No brainer. And Justice for All for Lady Justice mode. Rather than recycling songs you can do already. Guess they ran out of licensing money? Song modes, like AC/DC. Band member modes. Crank it Up. So much more can be done, with time. Would love to see this finished. Properly! As it is though, so purdy ;)
  20. Haha I still have a Penny Fleer Ultra All-Rookie First Team. Threw out thousands of cards, could bring myself to get rid if some of them:/
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