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  1. Good luck with the rebuild. I owned one for years and had to do the head on mine too. Word of advice replace the thermostat too, I had very infrequent ongoing overheating on mine after doing the head turned out to be the thermostat.
  2. Wretched disease. Thanks for making some hard to find parts accessible. RIP
  3. Yes it will. But it won't matter as the prisim runs its own race anyway.
  4. I know you said that you tested the battery. But remove it for 20-30sec to clear. Then put back in. Try the bios out of the working board next. Failing that it's cap replacement then give up.
  5. Send him an email, he might be able to make one up if not you go onto a wait list. Boards are well made I've used them.
  6. https://nvram.weebly.com/new-pcbs.html
  7. Is your working MB green or amber in colour? If green does the video cable and adapter from the non working one work in it? Have the caps around the processor previously been replaced? If so removal could have damaged the board beyond repair.
  8. Just go nucore/pinbox and not worry about it. They will auto detect what playfield is installed.
  9. OK I'll bite. I've had enough. So who the fuk are you blaming? Your own BILwho inspected and valued the game? Or the poor woman who tragically lost her husband and obviously wouldn't have a clue if a 54yr old pinball machine was complete or not? Better yet blame yourself for not asking for more photo's? That would be the best starting point!!!! Seriously you paid 1k for the machine. Get over it.
  10. never seen one of those could you post a pic or 2?
  11. schematics http://www.pleasureandpinball.se/sm/...mschematic.pdf Manual for mission no schematics https://www.ipdb.org/files/2253/Will...schematics.pdf
  12. Heard recently that boost can't transport your number from Telstra unless it's a pre paid telstra number. My youngest is on boost it's very good.
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