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  1. it's in free play, how do i do a test ? I'll check the battery, maybe the memory was lost ? thanks
  2. Hi All I turned my Congo on the other day (probably 6 weeks from last time) The machine turns on, the DMD just scrolls through the authors/designers, like the credits of the designers/developers. Pressing the start doesn't do anything. Any suggestions of what I can look at ? thanks Matt
  3. hi does any one have an invite, my PC that I did my torrenting has been off line since march and now got it back on line and my account has been disabled. I had a 2.5 ratio. cheers Matt
  4. Oh well might as well make it 3 in the list 😋
  5. As always a perfect sale thanks @correva arrived today and better than described - - - Updated - - - As always a perfect sale thanks @correva arrived today and better than described
  6. there is a facebook group that has a great spreadsheet the following may give newbies a quick start (haven't used etc.. but it appears to have what you need with a mix of vp9 and vp10 tables) http://pinballvirtual.es https://mega.nz/#F!eN8Q2R7C!P7FC-5xowWkDSgcARSAj_A
  7. yep, if you had the HDD and it was win 7 or above you could have plugged that into your new PC and it would've (85%) worked. If XP then just the roms would have been good. it sounds like Mame/PC isn't your cup of tea I would look at other alternatives (retropie, xxxx in 1 that has vga, etc..) how are the buttons wired ?
  8. Hey Dave it’s an oldy but I’ll check what have you got Cheers Matt
  9. At least your seen all the gf's your team has won/played I only remember 3, 2017 1980 and 1982 when you sent another SA across to kill our chance :) (Helen Damico)
  10. we need one with this on it :) http://www.here-is-your.info/richmond-tigers-2017-afl-premiers/
  11. my mate wants a hankin style I think, but he says he keep looking thanks
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