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  1. There should be a way to get what you need from whatever versions of hyper bbc are in mame but I don’t know how to do that. The security cartridges can be changed between games that share the same cartridge but hbbc has it’s own unique one so that’s not a lot of help. A scratch built or heavily modified cart may be possible but outside my skillset. Another option that’s better than a pandora is getting a newer bishibashi game, they went pc based eventually and I’m fairly sure you can run it with spicetools or bemanitools to avoid needing a konami subscription which you can’t get as an individual anyway. You can probably use a usb encoder for the buttons but the button lights won’t work.
  2. I’ve played with this a little.. the original bishibashi 573 doesn’t have a disc drive so you’re unlikely to find an original install disc in public hands. You also need the security cartridge with a genuine installation. I have a hacked Japanese two player disc image but settings don’t save through power cycles so it’s not ideal.. I’m yet to find a better one.
  3. Pm incoming on the remaining lot edit: ah crap I didn’t see the second page full of people wanting it :(
  4. It might need to have a reset rom run on it, send me a pm.
  5. WANTED: Stargate Translite, New Old Stock or near perfect. Mine looks rough :(
  6. Anyone got or know where I can get at least two A-29876 flipper coils by the end of the week?
  7. I’m undoing an LCD mod on a Gottlieb Challenger. I have a good WG K7000 chassis already so I really only need the tube but the chassis can be a spare if you’re selling a complete monitor.
  8. If possible I’d like to be next in line for seasons and ages please. I may require post depending on what suburb. cheers
  9. I’m after a straight and populated including wiring harness coin door for a gottlieb premier, don’t really care what style. looks like you may have something. would you post to SA? thanks
  10. Free note reader came off a safe but should work for whatever. Untested but looks in good condition. Stirling area
  11. I’m keen but I’d have to have it shipped to SA, happy to pay postage plus $20 for your trouble?
  12. Hello, I’m missing a kicking target from my Stargate, The target kicker cam is no longer available new and I’m having a hard time finding a used one. A complete assembly would be ideal but even some parts would be helpful, especially the kicker cam (either side will do, 8 and 8A on the diagram)
  13. I was wondering if it might need a battery but I read on pinwiki that simply removing the battery is an option. I will be putting in a battery anyway.
  14. I have reseated all connectors, not the roms but roms aren’t likely to give these symptoms. I saw the grounding mods but it works perfectly once it boots?
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