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  1. hi all i will be soon 40 years old, the age my father died from cancer in 1991. for this occasion i decided to release for free my conversion of the punisher which runs on cps-2 as a dedication to its memory. here is the version usable on darksoft multi cps2 : http://www.mediafire.com/file/g90g545m8asuam7/punisher_cps2.7z and the files to make a dedicated B board for this game : http://www.mediafire.com/file/ol9xs2o831nupc1/punisher-cps2.rar this conversion was hard work so feel free to make a paypal donation at neocps1@gmail.com have fun !
  2. first pcb is most likely a bootleg kung fu master
  3. I suggest you to try to reflow this chip first. The problem may only come from bad solder joints.
  4. I would say most likely bad CPS-A chip (motherboard)
  5. So far I fixed two sram errors related to backgrounds. Now I get a cram error (related to sound ram). Sometimes, I get no cram error, but after self test is finished, I get a "sound error". I have identified the glue logic used to share the sound ram with the main z80. Actually it is two 74LS244 for adress lines and one 74LS245 for 8 bit data. I desoldered the three chips and one was flacky. Actually, sometimes it reported good and sometimes not. After swapping the faulty IC with a new one, I now always get a cram error during boot up...
  6. yes with no luck. Toaplan schematics seem to be difficult to source...
  7. Hello, I am looking for these games schematics to have a better understanding on how they work. thank you
  8. I've got a rygar bootleg pcb which is missing sprites. There is a single scanline of what look like sprites. Its position seem to change sometimes. I have desoldered a part of drams (10 out of 20) and all were good.
  9. Nice repair log ! Can you add pictures of the game board and the game running ?
  10. symptoms : no sound. Volume pot works, but there is nothing. However, regulary you can hear the reset of the sound cpu solution : replaced bad 74HCT374 @ IC24 and IC25
  11. There probably was some sort of model 2/3 or konami ppc board connected to it. These systems use a standard vga connector to output medium resolution video (24Khz).
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