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  1. FS Old backglass flaking. Only good for shed walls. 1. Gottliebs JOKER POKER $100. 2. Stern DRACULA.. $50. 3.Gottliebs. SINBAD.$100. 4,5. Williams GORGAR. $50. bouth bad. 6. Stern. LIGHTNING. $50. 7. Bally STRIKES and SPARES.$100.
  2. Its still works mate. Got a few more drops in it 😉 Sold and is with its new owner
  3. yours mate. its in me shed waiting for Bill..
  4. T2 pinball body, empty, head bock, lamp board.Sold cant load pic. cont log in phone.. too piss at this time of night . pickup Karana Downs 4306
  5. Can take me off the list Cant attend as family Christmas party same day. Have a fun day every one:)
  6. As Always a grate time. Thanks to Ray & Reen letting us in there house. Thanks to Rusty & Dave and all who help.
  7. As we all have seen what the green can do to a good board. I was doing Cr2032 cell batterys on boards. But even thay can have problems. remote battery pack is the only way. So meny people don't even know pinballs have batterys in them. I like the how the pinside forum keeps track of when my Batterys are due to be replaced
  8. Can't get over how fantastic that yellow base & black sides go together ! Well done mate.
  9. Scorpion pinball $5900 widebody by Williams 1980. Very unique pinball. cant get over how nice this game looks. Very good original condition for its age. New flipper kits & button swich. New Led displays. New playfeld glass. New spinner & drop target decal's Led bulbs installed MPU, driver, power, boards have been removed tested and serviced Special Solenoid Saver Board. Installed Scarce to find a Scorpion pinball like this as there few and far between. Amazing looking backglass vibrant colours. Have to say that I Never find one like this again. One plasic has a small chip. The one right side of the spinner.dont even see it unless your looking for it. Pickup from Karana Downs 4306 would trade for F-14. Black Rose
  10. Hi Zivko. I take them. I call you tomorrow morning about 10:30.am Cheers. Al
  11. I have a flash project thats missing a lot of parts from the playfeld. Needing All drop targets banks 2x5 1x3 and the metal guides. a populated playfeld be better to get
  12. Where she at mate ? Next time I am up there 😉
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