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    Tatio Space Invaders, Blue upright.
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    TMNT LAI 26"Cabinet, Green.
    Twin Final Lap, AGI.
    80`s Lowboy,
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  1. Bally pinball boards from 80s $275 for the lot with post. 1x power board. 4x lamp boards. 1x MPU. untested. Power board looks likely been used as parts board. .
  2. selling arcade PCB. moving house and state, so maybe slow to update. no pic guys I have way too much to do. so to save a lot of time. send me your full address name if asking to post it saves me waiting for a replay and i can box and get ready for you. 1, Gyruss , working with JAMMA Adapter $300, working, name on board is Kionami. Sold and posted 2, (SOLD) Street Smart. jamma (NOT WORKING) $25, sold.posted. 3, (SOLD) world rally, jamma (NOT WORKING) $25, sold.posted. 4. (SOLD)-mortal Komabt II,jamma working, with 2 sound boards wiring harness . no sound playing? $300 the lot. (sold and posted 5 xman V street fighter CPS2 jamma $400. working new fan, gray. 6. CPS2 europe with infinkey. jamma sz2n A&B $200.(NOTWORKING) no fan on power up black screen 7, kung-fu master ,non jamma cant test,sold as non-working, bad tracks on top board. looks to-be a clone. $30. 8, Exerion working. maybe clone with JAMMA Adapter. $150. 9. 1942. working clone. with JAMMA Adapter $150. 10. Super contra, Konami. jamma working $300. (sold posted) 11 12 (SOLD) Moon lander Taito, non jamma, 3 board set. sold as not working as cant test $60. top board S/N CV070005A, CVN00002A. (sold) posted. 13 gallag 2002 board I think it is . working jamma but player 1 start and i think it was player 2 fire dont work. $90. 14, snow boss 2 boot leg working jamma $100. 15 (SOLD) Flak Attack Konami woring jamma GX669, $120 (SOLD)posted. 16.in sides of a Taito cocktail. tub-chassis-power board-step down .$50. this is a pickup item only!
  3. FS Old backglass flaking. Only good for shed walls. 1. Gottliebs JOKER POKER $100. 2. Stern DRACULA.. $50. 3.Gottliebs. SINBAD.$100. 4,5. Williams GORGAR. $50. bouth bad. 6. Stern. LIGHTNING. $50. 7. Bally STRIKES and SPARES.$100.
  4. Its still works mate. Got a few more drops in it 😉 Sold and is with its new owner
  5. yours mate. its in me shed waiting for Bill..
  6. T2 pinball body, empty, head bock, lamp board.Sold cant load pic. cont log in phone.. too piss at this time of night . pickup Karana Downs 4306
  7. Can take me off the list Cant attend as family Christmas party same day. Have a fun day every one:)
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