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  1. I’m excited to announce that Skullcandy has come on board as a Major Prize Sponsor of the Southern Hemisphere Pinball Champs in October! Skullcandy are suppliers of quality headphones and supporters of the worlds #1 ranked Woman Pinballer, NZs Danielle Peck. Thanks to Skullcandy for supporting Pinball in NZ! Dave.
  2. Ticket orders are coming in! Just to confirm - if for any reason you aussies buy a ticket and then can’t come, full refund, no problems. Also note, if you want a T Shirt I need to get orders in before 1 October, so I can get them made in time. :) rd
  3. Yes, WPPRs are fully up and running from 1 August. Seemed like a good day to announce the tournament. :-) I look forward to lots of you Aussies coming over for the event! rd
  4. The 4th Annual Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championships are on! Held over NZ Labour weekend, this will be the largest pinball event in NZ this year! For those who don't know, SHPC was originally started to give us "down under" the Pinburgh playing experience .. without the need to travel to Pittsburgh! Hence ... PukeBurgh! Now, with the demise of Pinburgh, the format lives on .... 2021 Schedule: Saturday 23rd: - doors open 9am - 10am - SHPC Main Event: 6 rounds of Pinburgh style 3-2-1-0 qualifying - 100 pinballs on free play till 10pm Sunday 24th: - doors open 9am - Swap Meet from 9am - ticket holders can bring items for sale. Items must be labeled with price and sellers name, and can be left near the main desk. - 10am - SHPC Top 32 Finals - 3-2-1-0 finals format - 2pm - SHPC Fair Strikes - 8 strike knockout - 100 pinballs on free play till 10pm Monday 26th (NZ Public Holiday) - doors open 9:30am - games open for free play - 10am - SHPC Woman’s Championship: 3 Strike Knockout - 10am - SHPC Junior Championship: 3 Strike Knockout - 1pm - SHPC 3 Hour Flip Frenzy 1pm to 4pm, followed by Top 8 finals - event concludes around 5pm at conclusion of Frenzy Finals Things to know: 1/ Trophies and prizes for top 4 in all events 2/ Ample free parking on site 3/ Bring a camper if you want - must be self contained 4/ All tournaments are run in accordance with IFPA rules 5/ IFPA NZ Code of Conduct rules apply to all NZ Pinball events 6/ This is a family event. Drinking allowed, but drunkeness is not. No drugs of any kind permitted. 7/ No Wifi on site. No room in my fridge for your beers. Make the appropriate arrangements. :-) 8/ No food on site this year. Please bring your own food/snacks/drinks ... we will have lunch breaks this year so you can go into Pukekohe for food if required. Event Pass - $85 each, covers all events. Includes ticketing fees. Under 18 $40 each. Day Tickets: $35 each (kids $15) Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-sou...s-158504945559 * SHPC will return to Sydney in October 2022 (all going to plan!)
  5. Good to see all the tributes to Yee, as has been said many times he was a top guy, who was always happy to help out at the drop of a hat. The turnout at his service showed how respected he was, both at Air NZ and in the arcade community. A few have asked me about Pincade, so I’ll mention that here. I spoke with Yee a few weeks ago, and during the conversation asked him what he would like to happen with Pincade, if he’d like me to carry it on in his name. He gave me his blessing to continue it as we saw fit, which was cool. So at this stage, Pincade will be on again in early March 2022, as it has been for the last 15 years. (except this year, for obvious reasons...) Following the same format as previous years, social nights and the SYS11 champs etc. I’ll be having a chat to a couple of likely suspects to help run the social side of it. I’m sure Hamish can come up with some appropriate artwork to honour the event as well - because Pincade will always be Yee’s (and Hamishes) event, no matter who ends up running it going forward. Dave.
  6. Final price drops on the last two remaining games. Grab em while you can. Dave.
  7. Flash Gordon is sold. Come on - Catacomb and Split Second to go .... Hit me up with some offers. rd
  8. playboy - don’t have one Harlem ... never 6M$M ... don’t have one Evel Knievel ... never lol but as a bonus I will leave you with some pictures of my Evel Knievel that I restored. Maybe the nicest one on the plannnnetttttt! ;-) rd
  9. No different from LAI in Aussie ... they bought the parts off Stern in the 70s/80s and assembled them in Aussie. Even had their own “Aussie only� model ... Cosmic Princess. Saved on all the import duties that were around in the old days. Plus, you can fit hundreds of playfields and backglasses in a container ... but only 20-30 complete pins. ;) rd
  10. Meteor is a game that will never leave. If I only had 10 games, Meteor would be one of them. :) Re FG - Bell Games was an Italian company that bought parts off Bally and assembled in Europe. There were a number of them in the 70s/80s, no doubt to avoid import taxes on goods from the USA. I presume they made their own cabinets in Italy to save on the freight/tax. rd
  11. I’ve never seen one before. No doubt there are some around Europe ... but can’t be many of them. rd
  12. Added a Bell Games Flash Gordon ... just for Beardy Dave! :) rd
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