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  1. As per title - I am looking for the cables to connect the mother board to the sound board... anyone have a set to sell ?
  2. It is definitely worth it based on market value ; just depends how much you like third strike
  3. Whilst this is your decision all I can say this third strike is not worth the entire cps2 library ...
  4. it does seem a little too much fr my skill level ; i have read online people have got outrunners to work on a supergun with a dreamcast wheel but this seems more involved (and besides daytona is meant to be played in a sit down cab)
  5. can daytona be played with a supergun, or does it require a cab ?
  6. other than Intencity at marion in SA are there any other arcades in adelaide?? especially in the western suburbs? i basically moved to consoles and pc gaming when my favorite arcade in hindley st turned into a bong shop...
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