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  1. Yes out of a spectrum I parted years ago
  2. Just listed some rare hard to find bits on facebook. System 11 Transformer and some 1982 Bally target assemblies etc. After 200 for each.
  3. Would anyone have any idea about the dipswitches. I have searched and cant find anything. There is 8 and I have them all off atm. Would like to set it to free play and also on a 2 player game it swaps sides but player 1 and 2 controls on same side. 3 and 4 player controls not doing anything. Not sure if that is a dip switch setting or not. There is a test and a service button wired up to the jamma connector but they do nothing. The only info on the case is manufacturer TJF and model F3S4PH-2 thanks
  4. Ok just put all dipsitches down and now can choose and select game. Not sure where dipsitches are meant to be but at least making progress.
  5. Thanks Boots, hooked up a samsung tv and it loaded up to this screen. Cant get any further though as joysticks are not scrolling through games and buttons doing nothing.
  6. Everything that's there is connected apart from the extra connectors on the psu. Reseated everything that I could as well.
  7. Cant find any unplugged ribbon cable so missing?
  8. Thanks guys but have no other arcade stuff to test anything. Got this as a package with a punny and know sweet fa about them. Just didnt want to put any money into it if it's not worth it . The new psu got the CPU fan to work.
  9. Hey guys, picked up this machine as part of a deal non working. Know absolutely nothing about them not even how many games or brand or anything. It comes up with check signal cable. Power supply didnt appear to be working so wired up another which now has the fans operating. It's way bigger than the original hence the mess but was just to test. Anyway same deal with no signal. basically I have no idea where to start and not even sure things are hooked up properly or something missing. Just wondering if maybe someone local I can bring the box up to to have a quick look and see if it at least looks complete and maybe my next step. thanks brett
  10. Hey guys, picked up a multigame sit down cab not working comes up no signal. I think power supply dead as tried the jumper wire trick and got nothing. It has a great wall psu in it(same as one in pic) just wondering can I replace it with basically any psu such as the one pictured or do I need to get same. Thanks in advance.
  11. Just wondering if someone on the Sunshine Coast could please help out looking at a pinball machine for a nice older gentleman up there. It's my old Cirqus Voltaire. It just has a sticky flipper getting stuck up, I'm sure it's only a mechanical issue so will be a simple fix but he really doesn't have any idea and wanted me to go up which I was going to do but due to some lowlife scumbags breaking into my house and subsequently causing the death of my best little mate I haven't been able to. Anyway he's happy to pay for your time and Hopefuly wants someone he can maybe call on for any future problems. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks Brett
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