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  1. We should organise a demonstration march down High street Penrith, or, march down the street 'high', in Penrith, demanding the return of 'The Barn', chanting 'Less harm at the Barn got two jab...in my abb'. Just my 2 bob worth.
  2. But that can be a good thing too. Buying the game young and watching it mature, the art, playfield and artwork remain static and makes vision and sound and features a living thing for a few years. Stern's new online thing is going to speed things up a little and probably up the cost of the game features over time too.
  3. Going to get real busy for CGC for sure. Who's the aussie dealer?? Wayne?
  4. Probably be twice that price if you were selling it from SA at the moment. Why...who knows.
  5. Just wondering if Pincadia and Pinball Haus and Netherworld locations are open normally during the BPAC event for heavy in between play practise, and anything special like after hours and overnight play capabilities etc. The Brisban-ites have gotten a lot of live play practice over the last 6 days for the Masters lucky them! lol.
  6. I hope it does get streamed, such a perfect opportunity to promote the event and Masters play for those locked down interstate.
  7. The blood splatter is etched into the steel. I have a set on a pro, they look great.
  8. Thanks Hank, that’s the one. Champion!
  9. I was listening to ABC local radio Queensland and tonight and heard a story reported about pinball in Hobart bout 45 mins ago. Can't recollect the names of the players except a 'Jason' talking about playing pinball and technique etc. Was a good interview. Anyone else catch the interview?
  10. Can I grab the Pinsound Headphone Station please!
  11. I’ve seen and played this game in person and it’s fast. Has LED’s fitted. Has new Tangles 5v displays fitted. Flippers strong and very clean and looks great. Buy with confidence.
  12. That’s awesome man! Great to see a turn out like that. I hope the Winter Carnival is a goer. If it’s on then it’s going to be massive this year.
  13. So sorry to hear this news. I hadn't known Mark personally, but bought parts from PSPA over many years. Cancer is an awful disease and now at least, you are in piece. I wish the best for Mark's family in this very difficult time. I hope too that PSPA will continue to operate too.
  14. Pauline Hanson.......the pinball!.....please explain...multiball.
  15. Fitted one to my Walking Dead. What a difference! definitely worth it.
  16. Has Wayne got any of these left? Have a link?
  17. Anybody know a source in Australia for 18 gauge copper wire, stranded, tinned and stripped used on 1980's Bally Lamps on the playfield? Is it easy to get? Got a Medusa playfield swap coming up and getting ready for it. TIA
  18. Nice work there Rob! You'll be an EM master soon. Having the schematics is essential on these games for fault finding. When you get used to reading the diagrams its pretty easy to fault find.
  19. Its great when you finally get your grail pinball after all this time. Congratulations! you must be chuffed!
  20. Oldhank, miss you buddy! Been in Mackay Yesterday arvo and dropped a beautiful Bally Medusa off to me. He's heading out 200km west to Moranbah to see Ando77 and stay overnight and pickup a beautifully restored Fishtales from him.
  21. That’s what I call a ‘ground up’ restoration! Knowing you Lloyd it should turn out stunning.
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