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  1. Nice sadly I sold mine a few years back, Not sure if there’s any interest but I have a few spares I collected for mine before I sold it floating around
  2. It’s going back to army specs apart from black frame and wheels etc, When I stripped it down and found the olive drab (army green) hidden in places and worked out from the engine number that it was a WW2 bike my mind was made up, The Aussie war bikes just had a white number on the tank which was boring so I’m also adding a smaller than standard gold Indian logo to the tank. A very cool feature is the special ignition switch one click allows just the engine to run, two clicks the engine and the blackout army lights (dull glow so the enemy can’t spot you) and to turn on the full headlights you need to hold down a button and turn the final click so you can’t accidentally turn on your headlight and give away your position. Parts are available but you have to be quick they show up but sell really quickly here, There lots of reproduction stuff made aswell for example my tanks are reproduction as mine was missing one half and the half I have I got a shopping bag of rust out of it and the cost of a new pair was $700 the cost of an original tank half was $1000 with the risk of them being rusted out
  3. It’s a WW2 Indian scout, Always wanted to restore one as my grandfather and great grandfather had them. This one fell into my lap while I was helping a mate pick up a lathe and it was meant to be. I havnt enjoyed something so much in forever This has been locked in a shed about 10 minutes from home that I’d been past a million times since the early 1980s I always thought barn funds were bullshit but I’m now a believer
  4. Long time between updates the bike and life’s been keeping me busy and away from my games but things are happening slowly bringing all my games home
  5. Fair chance I’ll have a credit unit to suit maybe even ball count unit I’ll try find a photo and see what I have
  6. I have a skeeball project ?
  7. Nah sorry man I don’t have it either it’s sidewalk engineer I had
  8. Pretty sure I have a few spare shooter housings I’ll try remember to look tomorrow
  9. Pretty sure I’ll be able to find one 👍. I’ll look when I get up
  10. Hi Kim welcome aboard great to see some more EM love on here
  11. Havnt had to get any for ten plus years but from memory super lube is a white lithium grease
  12. Here it is the good the bad and the little bit of ugly, Slight insert wear as shown In the photos all globes and coils tested and working cabinets solid with the usual cabinet wear also as shown He is asking $6000
  13. Just had a customer of mine ask if I know anyone who wants to buy a RFM I’m just chasing up some photos and details now
  14. That’s so funny I sold my 1950 exhibit bumper pool table to buy that hockey game off you 😂😂😂
  15. Found a 357magnum round in a Foosball table. Weed is pretty common aswell 😂😂😂
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