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  1. I’ll have a look tomorrow for you
  2. I also have a pallet racking bench out in the shed works a treat, In the spare room I have chipboard laid across filing cabinets and sets of draws full of manuals and project boards IMG_5721.MOV
  3. Sounding like a power supply issue to me. Are you familiar with a multi meter ?
  4. Nah sorry mate just went through my boxes of slingshots I must have sold them already
  5. What’s the chip number I have some pals i was told are from a cruising USA or similar never looked into them
  6. Wow what a great project and the luminous paint sounds like a challenge Good luck
  7. Welcome. Great intro always good to hear the stories from the golden era Plenty of help here when your ready with the cosmic princess
  8. Yeah I have a few sets Alex may have already contacted me via eBay
  9. Wow look at my you tube video going viral 😂😂😂
  10. Have some if you don’t find any local
  11. Yep I’m definately priced out I don’t even look anymore 😂😂 The occasional games still find me but I no longer search
  12. Sadly it’s not in the best shape poor design Spock has seen better days
  13. I’ll have a look tonight I had one at one stage but it may have already been sold
  14. What a great job. Good to see you jumping right in the deep end best way to learn I think
  15. I’m pretty sure I have 3 non bent ones I’ll try remember to look tomorrow
  16. Yeah tough gig when it’s not your area if you need a hand with car stuff let me know
  17. Love your work nothing better than swing games saved from death
  18. Good luck on the hunt I’ve been searching for an original amp for mine for ages, Being from tassie have you tried Erwin? (Flamingo records)
  19. Booooooooo. First time I’ve said I’d go to a meet in 10 years and covid ruins it. But better be to be safe than sorry.
  20. I’ll try remember to check the stash tomorow
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