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    1955 gottlieb Marathon
    1976 gottlieb Jungle princess
    Williams Gorgar
    Williams Comet
    rowe r89 jukebox
    video jukebox
    video jukebox smoke machine combo
    world rally
    operation wolf
    lethal enforcer
    40c pool table
    electronic dartboard
    whirlitzer smoke machine
    Mame Lowboy
    Mame Cocktail
    2 x Pachinko machines
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  1. I’ll have a look tomorrow for you
  2. I also have a pallet racking bench out in the shed works a treat, In the spare room I have chipboard laid across filing cabinets and sets of draws full of manuals and project boards IMG_5721.MOV
  3. Sounding like a power supply issue to me. Are you familiar with a multi meter ?
  4. Nah sorry mate just went through my boxes of slingshots I must have sold them already
  5. What’s the chip number I have some pals i was told are from a cruising USA or similar never looked into them
  6. Wow what a great project and the luminous paint sounds like a challenge Good luck
  7. Welcome. Great intro always good to hear the stories from the golden era Plenty of help here when your ready with the cosmic princess
  8. Yeah I have a few sets Alex may have already contacted me via eBay
  9. Wow look at my you tube video going viral 😂😂😂
  10. Have some if you don’t find any local
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