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    video jukebox smoke machine combo
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  1. Nah sorry man I don’t have it either it’s sidewalk engineer I had
  2. Pretty sure I have a few spare shooter housings I’ll try remember to look tomorrow
  3. Pretty sure I’ll be able to find one 👍. I’ll look when I get up
  4. Hi Kim welcome aboard great to see some more EM love on here
  5. Havnt had to get any for ten plus years but from memory super lube is a white lithium grease
  6. Here it is the good the bad and the little bit of ugly, Slight insert wear as shown In the photos all globes and coils tested and working cabinets solid with the usual cabinet wear also as shown He is asking $6000
  7. Just had a customer of mine ask if I know anyone who wants to buy a RFM I’m just chasing up some photos and details now
  8. That’s so funny I sold my 1950 exhibit bumper pool table to buy that hockey game off you 😂😂😂
  9. I think I have a complete wall hanging playfield or two in storage jumping jack is one I’m pretty sure still there
  10. Found a 357magnum round in a Foosball table. Weed is pretty common aswell 😂😂😂
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