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  1. Hi all, For info a few people have provided information as to names, locations, phone numbers used by these scammers. I have not been able to find any clear avenues of investigation that would assist in identifying anyone in South Australia. Obviously I can't discuss what I have checked or how I have done that. I've rung the phone number and it rings out (no surprise there). With these scams of reasonably high value, they are usually off shore, and information provided by a couple of members does suggest that. Seems lower value scams run on Gumtree and the like are usually done by people in Australia. We sadly see 20+ cybercrime reports for just South Australia every day, ranging from the puppy dog scam on Gumtree, up to the romance scams where people finally report it and admit they have been done for tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) over a period of time. I can only encourage anyone who has been stung by these people to make an online cyber crime report via the below link. It may be that someone finally provides some info that will assist in identifying if the scammer(s) are in Australia or not (though I doubt it). https://www.cyber.gov.au/acsc/report/are-you-a-victim-of-cybercrime
  2. Hi @Rivs , I've PM'd you. I'd suggest anyone reading about this scam posts it on their social media with a few links to help it come up in searches. May help others realise it is a scam before being hooked.
  3. Possibly but don't hold your hope too high.
  4. Heads up with this scam. Since I have my finger in the pie with all things pinball crime related, I can sadly confirm this company is still active with this scam within the last 2 weeks.. An online fraud report has been received by our department where the victim paid for a machine and never received it. I wont disclose anything else that may identify the victim or impinge on their privacy. Long shot, but if anyone has any details of the email address, phone number or banking details (apart from the ones on the "invoices" in previous posts) they may have provided you, can you PM them to me.
  5. AC/DC Premium Pinball Machine. $10700 1 owner, was new in box. Will come with orginal manual. Well looked after and machine in excellent condition. Nil mods apart from a Bon Scott homage plastic I added to the left return ramp. Not getting the love it deserves so time to move it on. Price negotiable. Advertised elsewhere. Can be viewed on Sunday afternoon/evening or other evenings by arrangement. Will suit local buyers as buyer is to collect. I will not pack, ship or deliver. Twist my arm and I will throw in the neon light. http://www.users.on.net/~bradandpam/ACDC/1.jpg http://www.users.on.net/~bradandpam/ACDC/2.jpg http://www.users.on.net/~bradandpam/ACDC/3.jpg http://www.users.on.net/~bradandpam/ACDC/4.jpg http://www.users.on.net/~bradandpam/ACDC/1.jpg
  6. EBD (after I find the f*#king problem with it) Dolly Parton Tri Zone Count Down Flash x 2 Centaur II Dr WHo AC/DC Kiss (Bally) Kiss (Sern) TAF (never) Flash Gordon (Never)
  7. @jono very nice job there. I have one I've clearcoated, cabinet is a mess and will need lots of work. What's the best way to take of cabinet decals? Still with a heat gun or has anyone come up with a better way recently?
  8. There's so much misinformation I don't think we will ever know. Probably natural with the possibility of it being an accidental release from a lab.
  9. Spot on. There were concerns very early on that the outbreak was as a result of a containment breach at the lab. WHO knocked that on the head...well the WHO has shown it's true colours now. Nothing more than the CCP's (Chinese Communist Party) bitch. Some gutsy scientists and doctors in China tried to warn the world (and their own government) early on. Those poor buggers have now "disappeared". They knew what was likely to happen to them but spoke out anyways. I still don't think the outbreak was intentional, if it was from a lab and not a natural eveolved disease. Just a lot of inept people trying to cover and save face who took far too long to act.
  10. I found these hard to get when I did my FG resto about 5 years ago. Not sure if that has changed. have you thought of making them yourself?
  11. Thanks guys. I have sourced a set here in Adelaide!
  12. How's this for a long shot. Does anyone have the side art decals for a Dr Who cabinet? I have the coin door and backbox already.
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