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  1. Happ are just re branded IL Eurostick, or at least they where back when I got my last set, but the shipping out of Europe was to much. I ended up getting a pair from oz
  2. Gangsters Paridice Original, A bit dated but classic Remake, shouldnt work but does
  3. :welcome: And to answer your question Format C:
  4. just mount everything to the floor as per but have the floor hinged at the back with some latches or locks at the front
  5. I really dislike nirvana but i do tend you agree with you on this one
  6. a few come to mind for me Hurt og remake Thunderstruck og remake The sound of silence og https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7McpVPlidc remake Zombie og remake I find with all of these im a fan of both versions
  7. Yes. You paid for a set that fit not a set that fit with one that almost fits
  8. so good, now i know what im having for breakfast tomorrow
  9. I am against doing it, If i were you I would sell the Double Dragon cab to fund a MAME build. Generic cabs can be made but there is only a limited number original cabs left. At the end of the day it is yours to do with as you see fit.
  10. Not sure if I would call it retro but I got a boxed indigo Japanese Gamecube...was then really annoyed to find it does not have the insert for the box, the seller neglected to say anything about that
  11. you have all the best toys
  12. I thought these are pretty neat https://thebrickshowshop.com/collections/all/products/custom-lego-pretendo-twitch?_pos=1&_sid=8a66698cd&_ss=r https://thebrickshowshop.com/collections/all/products/custom-lego-pretendo-brickcube-video-game-console?_pos=1&_sid=8bc9508ce&_ss=r https://thebrickshowshop.com/collections/all/products/custom-lego-classic-1977-video-game-console?_pos=1&_sid=76e82a6b3&_ss=r
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