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  1. HI Guys, Purchased a cab with dual MCA sticks and one doesn't return to center completely, which I figured must be due to the rubber bush in this thread. Therefore, does anyone have any NOS bushes they would be willing to part with (for a price), since Coin Play no longer sell these bushes? Alternatively, does anyone have a RED MCA joystick in good condition (that returns to center properly) they would like to sell? Please advise. Kind regards.
  2. Hi john17a, Could you please post some photos of the state of the cabinet / art? Cheers, Matt
  3. Hi Kaizen, I live in Caboolture and thank you for the fantastic offer to check the game board for me. I will certainly take you up on that depending on the outcome of this repair. Cheers, Matt
  4. Hi Kaizen, Thanks for your reply. I will upload the photos when I get home from work. I will also follow your instructions and see if I can locate any visual issues / smells emanating from the board on top of the coin box. As an FYI, please see this post as it already has some pics attached: https://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/82503-Pick-up-this-clean-Cocktai-with-a-l-Nichibutsu-3-Layer-Board-6 I'll get back with more info. Cheers, Matt
  5. Hi Kaizen, Thank you so much for your reply. From reading posts in AA I know you are a wealth of knowledge on SI and the like (Matt bows down chanting "We're not worthy"). I'm sorry I missed out on the upright SI you sold for $1000, I'm too old and slow but would have loved to purchase. Would it be possible for you to suggest where I might start troubleshooting, or if you have experienced this before in your travels. I have only had some experience with younger machines, but this one is special as it reminds me of my childhood in the 70's / 80's and in no way is this clone going to be changed to LCD or 60-in-1. Old skool all the way! Thanks again for any of your valuable advice. Humbly yours, Matt
  6. Hi All, Any luck on the older LAI skill tester with the buttons not the Pink with a joystick? I own the older button ones and have been after a manual for as long as I've owned it (around 3 years). Cheers, Matt
  7. Hi All, Just picked up a Taito cocktail clone from another AA member. When power is turned on, the screen lights up but a baking electronics smell is noticeable and seems to be coming from near the coin box. Meanwhile, there is a clicking noise coming from an aluminium box located on the back of the coin box, like a contact or relay clicking. Can anyone please tell me what this little aluminium box is / does, and what might be causing the constant clicks. Also any pointers on the burning smell would be fantastic. The first picture is the mystery aluminium box attached to the back of the coin box, and the second is a board in the same vicinity, but situated on top of the coin box. Interestingly, the behavior is the same with or without the 3 layer game board fitted, so am keen to move forward from this point as I don't yet know if the game board is good. Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated. Thank you all in advance. :) Cheers, Matt
  8. Just a thought....Might help if size / dimensions were noted. Is this a wide body cabinet or other? What size play field monitor will this cabinet accommodate up to? What material is it cut from, MDF, marine ply?
  9. Hi dmworking247, I've got one very similar to this one. I actually damaged the neck board of the CRT when trying to get to the CPU, as you have to lift and turn the monitor. After I had done the same procedure over 20 times, I got a little careless. These are just an old PC CRT stripped of their case (as the TV repair guy told me). So I would go right ahead and put a PC VGA monitor of the same size in it minus the monitor case if you have access to one. My journey started because the HD died on mine and I needed to get to the CPU and in the process cracked the neck board. Luckily my local TV repair shop soldered in wires to bridge the crack in the neck board. Hope this helps. Cheers. Mattman
  10. Hi again, You can test it like this: Let me know how you fair :) Cheers! Mattman
  11. Hi mate, Is this lot still for sale, and if so are you able to test the board in another JAMMA cab or use a multimeter on the steering wheel pot? Just to verify it's not a fault with the board as I need a fully working board that's perfect as I currently have a faulty one. Cheers. Mattman
  12. Hi coolspot, Can I please get the other world rally from you? Please PM me your preferred payment method. Kind regards, Mattman
  13. Hi All, I ended up using that Tevion TV I had and funnily enough it had the same brand tube that the WG had :) Got Joey from JOMAC to send me one of his excellent dual res chassis and did the swop. Phoned Joey for a couple of minor pointers and viola! Many people have sung his praises here and I am now one of the same. Without you I would have had a very expensive paper weight! Joey you rock!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you :) Cheers! Mattman
  14. Thank you for your expert reply JOMAC. I'll search and find your post on what I need to do to identify the yolk for a universal chassis and then I'll contact you. Would you prefer a PM or for me to email you through your website? Thanks again. Cheers! Mattman
  15. Thanks for your reply pistonsix. Great tip about the Vasoline application. pistonsix: Where does one aquire a Nanao chassis, and possibly now a suitable 27" tube? (I'm in Brisbane) As this is a VGA input from the Atomiswave console, I am not sure an old TV will be suitable? JOMAC, your thoughts please? Cheers! Mattman
  16. Hi everyone, About 5 months ago I purchased second hand an extreme hunting Arcade machine. Within the first week I lost all Red from the RGB and contacted the seller who came and swapped the Wells Gardner chassis out and this fixed my issue. Then a couple of months later, I turned it on and heard lots of pops and saw what looked like lightning across the tube. I again rang the seller and he told me this was just moisture in the tube (noting to worry about - happens to him as an arcade tech a lot). He assured me there would be no damage and I should just use a hair dryer on the back of the tube for about 1/2 an hour and my arcing problem would be gone. He also told me to put one of those moisture traps with crystals in the machine (which I did). Lately, there has been no moisture in it (arching) but the display (upon cold power on) seemed to shrink slightly and there was a visible wiggle / shaking of the image. This would go away if I let it warm up and I power cycled the machine. I asked another friend of mine (Electrical Engineer - who used to repair arcade machines and TVs) about the shrinking / wobbly picture and he generically said that my problem seemed like caps needed replacing. Last night I played it no problem after it warming up etc. This morning, I turned it on and got the moisture / arcing issue. So, as I have done before, I let it discharge, removed the anode (HT lead) and used a hair dryer to try to dissipate the moisture. Through several power cycles, I got the arcing. And now the neck glows purple and not orange. :realmad: I read this post which is the same model Wells Gardner D9200: http://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/42286-monitor-problem?highlight=wells+gardner Just prior to the purple neck glow (I still had orange glow), I sent a PM to Joey from JOMAC about pricing for getting some caps replaced. But alas, it now seems my tube has got air in it and it's probably had it. A few questions I have for all you arcade sages: 1. How does air get in to a tube? (arcing I am guessing) 2. Is this defiantly terminal? 3. Was I told correct information about the moisture and how to get rid of it? 4. Would the above lead to damage (as I was told no damage would come of it). 5. I have a TEVION TV29BWC 68cm colour TV lying around would this be a suitable replacement with a univeral chassis from JOMAC? Thank you guys in advance... Cheers! Mattman
  17. I received the cart and it didn't work. I was disappointed.
  18. I purchased Extereme Hunting last month and I love it :) This being an Atomiswave game allows me to use other carts like Ranger Mission (I'm expecting a Ranger Mission cart. any day now...) Dedicated shooting cabs are obviously not as versatile as other cabs, but if you have the room and the funds they are a real blast! :cool: Matt
  19. Hi Lou, Thanks for your reply. I was hoping to get the cart only. I appreciate your offer and will be happy to take both off your hands in the event I don't come across a cart only offer :D. So we'll see if I get some more responses, and go from there. Thank you. Kind regards, Matt
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