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  1. Just want to bump this for the new look forum, still after a 27D9200 chassis as you'd find in a Gamesmaster Lost World or House of the Dead shooter cab. Let me know!
  2. Thanks @buttersoft , looks like exactly what I need. PM'd.
  3. Thanks mate. Yeah I've got the right tools for the pins, my problem is the plug on this CRT has crumbled. I just want to replace it. I should probably add if you've got any spare pins of that size that'd be a help too.
  4. Just after the plug if anyone's got one, thanks. And again, if anyone has a Wells Gardner 27D9200 chassis they can offload, please let me know
  5. Just stay away from that Arcade80s/WakkyArcade bloke on Gumtree.
  6. Anyone got a mailing address for WakkyArcade, while I'm at it? I want to return to piece of crap he sent me but he appears to have blocked my calls.
  7. Hi all, anyone got a working WG 27D9200 chassis they can offload? It's for a Gamesmaster Lost World shooter cab. Thought I had one (from WakkyArcade) but turned out to be a dead end. Thanks
  8. Anyone got a Gamemasters The Lost World cabinet in decent condition? I'd like to get a look at how the artwork should look. Also, if anyone's miraculously got any NOS art or a plexi for said Lost World, please let get in touch
  9. Anyone got an LAI Vendetta marquee? Got plenty of art if you're looking to trade, otherwise happy to take off your hands for cash.
  10. Got a Main Event board that includes an 051937 I'm trying to get rid of, fully working
  11. Hi folks, I'm looking for a good 29 inch tube in the Sydney area if possible. Got one of those huge 38 inch LAI yellow machines like this: and the screen is weak, I believe the tube itself is only 29 inches so if anyone's able to help, shoot me a PM. Thanks!
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