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  1. Inching along slowly adding parts, its lots of little bits
  2. Lots of things have been happening in background, Malcolm as been making up a cabinet for me. Have lots of cabinet parts now on the way, coin-door, siderail etc. The playfield is finally on the rotisserie another one of Malcolm's bits of handy work, borrowed from Mike
  3. installed 68B09E processor & 6264 RAM and profanity ROM set today in CPU & AV boards Tested in NBA
  4. let there be light and the lamp sockets where installed, my helper fell asleep
  5. I had the PCB backing plate laser cut from stainless and today the stand offs arrived. The standoffs are hard to get, Pinballparts just dropped their price to match Marco so Aussie is the best place to get them at the moment
  6. Small steps, the CPU arrived this week as well as ASIC and security chip. I soldered on battery holder. Rob sent me a treasure trove of MM info !!!! thanks again Rob
  7. He was a damn good man, thanks for the offer I am sure ill need a pic or 2
  8. I have sourced 90% of the parts now and am going to build up assemblies, have all the hard parts.
  9. Ive been out of the pinball hobby for about 10 years now, having sold all my machines and drifted off. But I have meet some damn good people over the years, one of them being Yee Fong. Yee and I stayed in touch and I still did the Pincade shirt designs for him and caught up for a beer and a cheeky game. Sadly it took loosing my good mate Yee to get me think about owning a pinball machine again. Over the years Yee and I discussed the NBA to MM conversions and at one stage both where going to do it, buying NBA's. Yee brought 2 MM playfields to do it. I thought it would be a great project to finish what we talked about. So I brought one of Yees MM playfields and an NBA and started buying parts. Problem being I actually have grown to like NBA and so do the kids. .... So Ive decided to build an entire MM from parts NEW/NOS and a couple of used bits. With the rerun machines its seams all the parts that put us off are now available Wire forms, metal guides etc. There have also been a couple of people document MM builds with amazing detail and have kindly offered help and guidance. So to eat an elephant with the tail, T-Nuts time for some soldering, i'm a bit rusty, bare light boards from Aussie Ive drawn up the cabinet for Malcolm to CNC for me a new one
  10. I have to say it was an honour to call such and generous and caring man a friend. I stepped away form the hobby a few years ago, but our friendship continued. He was always willing to lend a hand, from cutting up firewood, unloading containers of pins or just lending an ear in though times. I will miss that positive beat cheeky smile. For a small man he had a big heart and underneath a tiny frame hid a pillar of strength, (he once lifted the full weight of a TZ, moving it into PaulOz basement) Rest is peace mate, you had one hell of a game
  11. Was thinking a giant pinball with saturn like ring with galaga ship flying around it
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