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  1. They are still posting the MAME sets on https://pleasuredome.github.io/pleasuredome/
  2. Hi wwf, I really like all your cabinet designs. Would you ever make a single player arcade stick case that you could use on your lap? Something like the old MAS arcade sticks? That would be awesome.
  3. I'd like to get the red ram cartridge if that's possible?
  4. I'm willing to get the two zelda game boy games if you decide to post.
  5. I've got a grey Marvel vs Capcom B board if that helps.
  6. Hello Everyone I have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles JAMMA PCB for sale. Note that is the original, not turtles in time. I can send by Post with lots of bubble wrap or pickup in Canberra. I'll throw in the roms you need to turn it into a 2 player version as well. I can even swap them for you. 500$ Pictures and/or videos available on request.
  7. How much are you looking to pay? Mine isn't getting much use at the moment.
  8. Is Sunset Riders still on hold?
  9. They have value to the extent that they are playable. It sounds like your son is enjoying them so i'll leave them to him.
  10. Given that they are bootlegs, how much do you want for them?
  11. An MVS with six buttons? Disgusting
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