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  1. I got one of these boards. Any chance you could give me the pinouts for it...
  2. ALL NOW SOLD.... Wonderboy $100 Double dragon 2 $60 Choplifter $60 Pheonix $60 (will come with spare board for parts) These are all bootleg except maybe for pheonix. Camera has flat battery, so i will put pics up later today.
  3. bundle 2 sold wwf pretty sure its wrestlefest wwf as i remember seeing the hulkster in the game lol.
  4. Price drop. Bundle 1 last duel great gurarios lethal enforcer (show ram errors) 1943 (loads, characters missing from screen) wrestlefest (loads, couple characters look boxy) $70 Bundle 2 black tiger galaga hypersports hal 21 mr heli double dragon 2 SOLD Bundle 3 stategy x (worked 2 weeks ago now nothing) pheonix super heli scramble x 2 jackson (zaxxon clone) x 2 $70 http://imgur.com/3nfL9aW http://imgur.com/kEXGIAD http://imgur.com/fXjGWWR or if u want them all i can do a deal..
  5. 3 NOT working twin cobra bootleg boards SOLD http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j106/sniperalert/robshgit7814214_zpsa9a04998.jpg 2 NOT working twin cobra original boards $50 http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j106/sniperalert/robshgit7814215_zps32f04c91.jpg Street Fighter 2 CE bootleg SOLD http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j106/sniperalert/robshgit7814213_zpsee491bbf.jpg Tekken 2 original WORKING SOLD http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j106/sniperalert/robshgit7814217_zpsc6076cce.jpg Noble Park 3174 pick up only as i have cactus back and cant drive to post office
  6. have done this plenty of times in the past, before the lighters it used to be the clicker from the hot water systems lol
  7. some nice cars in this and a turbo on a bike always helps.
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